Do you live with your girlfriend/boyfriend??

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  1. If the answer is YES, I would appreciate any advice at all.... when is it easy? when does it get difficult? Pros/ cons? what are some issues that most frequently come up between you two? How do you find your own personal space when you need it?

    Back story: I've known my boyfriend for 5 years, and he's been my boyfriend for 5 months. He is taking a break from college because he ran out of money (his parents cut him off at age 18) and is currently in debt to his parents. His boss doesn't have steady work for him, and his parents kicked him out of their house yesterday.

    I'm at college and live alone, 500 miles away from our hometown. I offered to let him stay at my place, because I'm in love with him, and I want to help him any way I can. He sent out résumés last night, and already got two job offers this morning.

    To some people, I might seem naive and impulsive, but I'm not asking, 'should i live with him or not,' I am asking for helpful advice, insight, & experiences you've had living with your gf/bf.

    Thanks and
    Cheers! ;)
  2. this is subject to how your own relationship is going...

    from my experience it was great and fun but ended in disaster recently but nothing to do with living together.

    knew my girl for 3 months then she moved into my place. we're both in debt with school/car/bills and it worked for us. combined our money. paid off A lot of our debt. great times living together...never got annoyed per se with her as far as living situation but you have some days where you dont want to be around them even if its just getting out with your own friends. i think its a good situation for both but you have to make sure, as with most meaningful healthy relationships, that before you do move in together...

    make sure that you see yourself with that person for a very long time if not even getting married to that person. the experiences and things you will be sharing will make the relationship grow and become what is considered a married life.

    i was in the relationship for 3 yrs living together for 2yr 9 months(?).we were engaged for a short while.. long story short. didnt end because of living situation but because of religious differences.. but to bring it back to your point.>> it worked great for me while it lasted :hello:
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    it's fun.
    if your a clean person then just lay some ground rules.
    mostly just respect each others stuff and get use to someone else's habits.
    also sometimes people just need space to themselves, so no need to get upset over stuff like that
  4. yes, its awful and has me reaching for the bottle more often than not.
  5. It was cool until she was a bitch. Just gotta be honest, if theyre doing something to piss you off tell them. But otherwise it can be fun. I had a homie who was my room mate, and another homie who stayed there sometimes so it was all chill just old friends hangin out again.
  6. Yes, I live with my girlfriend. I love it.

    I think the biggest thing is knowing that each person needs their own space every now and then. My girl and I have an office, bedroom (with TV and PS3), and living room (TV, PS3, Wii, Stereo, etc), so we always have space to get away from each other when needed. We will do our own seperate thing 2-3 days a week, then just smoke and hang a bit before bed. That way she gets to watch all her shows and I get to play my video games (we do get out and do plenty of non-hermit stuff too...)!

    We have really enjoyed creating the space together, and are approaching these planned 2 years of living together as a test before we take bigger steps (buying a house, having kids, getting married, etc). I think everyone should live together at least a year before doing the big stuff!
  7. It's interesting. It will bring you closer but will also pull you apart at points.

    Money is usually an issue as is being around each other so often at close proximity.

    Try and make time to spend apart. You can love someone infinitely but still end up in a bad mood if you spend 24/7 with them.
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    It's a huge step into any relationship. It can seriously go either way.

    You'll notice a lot more about your partner when living with them then you have before. Could be bad. Could be good.

    I liked waltzing around the kitchen while she cooked. It was a little annoying at the time because she didnt have a car. So that got in the way. She'd do her makeup while i shaved. It was nice waking up to someone laying next to you. Its AMAZING actually. I miss it somewhat. But whatever. I wouldn't suggest you do it (assuming you're still young) because there's plenty of time being in that "trapped" situation. Eventually you might feel trapped. Only your love can pull you through it.

    Having to be near them constantly could end up being a plus and also end up being a major drag. As long as the trust and love is even between you two, it should work out JUST fine.

    Make sure you shower frequently :p

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