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Do you like to roll joints with tobacco?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eastcoast22, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. So how many of you enjoy rolling joints with tobacco? Or are you a purist? :smoking:
  2. Yes but you dont need to use a lot I find.. maybe half a cigarette max
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    Tobacco is gross IMO. I've smoked one cig in my life and almost threw up, not to mention it makes you stink.. Atleast the herb has a good smell to it and is bearable.
  4. Fuck joints vape or pipe
  5. fuck tobacco, that junk kills
  6. That's like putting ketchup on Filet Mignon.
  7. i do that :rolleyes:

  8. The fuck is wrong with you?
  9. Insomia mostly oh and im fat and have a lost of acne for being 21. Im on a marijuana forums 12 hrs a day and im a loser. A lot i guess

  10. Dude....


    I was just messing around. In all honesty though, you are wasting good steak by putting ketchup on it. You could eat a hamburger with ketchup on it and I bet it'd taste the same.

    I hope things pick up for you though.
  11. I like a j with a little bit of tobacco, but only like 10% of the joint. Personally I think it hits harder sometimes. I am still a purist though and a lot of the time I don't like to have tobacco mixed with my ganja. Unless of course were talking about blunts. Which in that case I am a purist- 100% bud in the blunts- I don;t think it needs any more tobacco.
  12. Sometimes I leave a little in my blunt, it helps it burn slower and since I don't ever smoke tobacco by itself I get that buzz too.
  13. I'll smoke blunts on rare occasions but for everyday occasions fuck tobacco, 100% mary jane is the way to go.
  14. Sometimes. I prefer to spliff a bowl through a bong in one hit instead of roll. Ironically I cough less this way than with an actual rolled spliff.

    The best of bud, with the right amount of money to blow when I run out, gets preference treatment in pieces that never see nor will see tobacco. But every day shit is spliffed through the bong to conserve and keep a manageable, automobile control worthy buzz. Less likely to day dream on one thought the whole time on the road that way I find.
  15. I roll blunts, i don't like mixing cancer in with my anti cancer :p
  16. Its pretty common here in the UK. With high grade bud being so expensive here now, its just not cost efficient to roll a massive pure joint!

    I no longer use it though, because I kicked the habit a few years back and find tobacco to be quite addictive!
  17. I prefer to roll it with just weed. but sometimes i want to conserve my weed but still smoke a fat spliff and then ill put a little tobacco in
  18. If you put tobacco in a joint it's not a joint, it's a spliff.
    But no, i've never smoked a spliff. I tried cigarettes and didn't like them, to me mixing my tobacco with weed would just be ruining a good thing.
  19. Well, I'm a smoker. And I actually prefer to smoke spliffs sometimes. I think it enhances the taste and it hits smoother. Idk. That's just me though.
  20. 1) Its hash, can't really toke it in too many other ways (not a big hash pipe fan)
    2) I'm a filthy smoker anyhow
    3) It rolls, and burns better in my opinion. Always hated trying to suck on my joints like a straw to get the smoke...

    Yeah, I picked the first option...

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