Do you like stoner girls?

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  1. A friend of mine says he doesn't. He doesn't even want them to smoke cigs. Where the fuck is he gonna find a non-stoner (or even not-smoker) chick anyway? Here in italy everyone, and i fucking mean everyone in their their teen years smokes weed. There are so many cute stoner chicks, today at the school break i had a joint and like 4-5 girls in a circle doing a ping-pong. I don't know how you call it but here a ping-pong is when the joint goes in a quick rotation for multiple times, you hold your breath for 4-5 hits and then exhale.

    What are your opinions?
  2. Yeah they're usually the only girls I find myself around.
  3. Some I do others I don't, I wouldn't stereotype them into one category.  That's like saying I like all Asians, some are cool others are dicks.
  4. yes, absolutely, i like stoners more in general
  5. Ya I've meet some chill as fuck girl stoners but there are the ones that act like a complete bitch
  6. Yes - i wike weed wuvin women [​IMG]
  7. Stoner girls are more likely to know their way around a kitchen.
    What's not to love?[​IMG]
  8. Yes...

    ...I wish I had one.
  9. Like ? Loveee them but there is some exceptions.

    Knew one that would never ever smoke high grade weed only mids and some low quality shit and she loved it. i always found that a bit amusing and thought she was probably just being cheap but to each their own.
  10. Depends on the girl. Some can be really chill and almost act like one of the homies. That's really admirable esp. When they're independent as fuck & they just wanna chill & smoke. The ones who aren't always on their phone and obsessed with Instagram are literally the best
  11. Your friend has bland taste. 
    When I find out a chick doesn't smoke and has no good reason for it I'm turned off, and she gets a 1 point deduction on the scale of 10. 
  12. it comes down to sharing and (being) selfish with herbs/germs.
    I'm high every waking hour I realize, and the girls I see I just assume are on the same level no matter what day it is.
    So, yeah.
  13. you can't throw in cigs... I dislike ladies that smoke cigs, but cannabis bunnies can get it
  14. I like stoner girls. Would rather them not smoke cigs but it's not a deal breaker.
  15. Hey OP, the game you're talking about typically gets called baseball or chicago by the blokes I know here in Tampa Bay, Florida.
  16. Cigs and weed I could care less about.... they can suck on em all day as long as their suckin on me all night :smoke:
    I'll take whatever is on the plate
    off topic - how r the weed laws in Italy? And what kind of approach do cops take to weed/stoners? just curious
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    It's decriminalized up to 5g, but you can still find the bastard cop who will start bitching for a joint. I smoke in public, in front of bars, and at school all the time. What's the worst that could happen anyway, throw that shit out? Motherfucker that's not gonna stop me.
  19. Only if they're not posers.
  20. Married to one, so yes :smoke:
    Your friend sounds like he'll likely miss out on some women because he's being picky. Whether somebody smokes weed or tobacco determines little about their personality, you have to actually get to know them for that. Just seems too picky, IMO.

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