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Do you like smoking outside or inside better?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mgc1313, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Ive been smoking outside lately a lot. It just seems more peacefull getting fresh air outside while taking a hit and listening to some music. Smoking inside is fun too cause I can just hop on netflix and play videogames. So which do u guys prefer?
  2. outside is better if its a nice day. but inside is better if its a bad day or at night
  3. yea its so much nicer smoking outside, but I live in the city and houses are close to me with young kids so we cant really till super late.

    smoking inside is great tho, we take care of house and clean regularly tho to eliminate any dust and smell.
  4. If I don't feel like dealing with apprentice tokers I'll go outside for the night and sit underneath the stars.

    Any other time, I'm subjecting myself to pointless arguments. :smoke:
  5. this morning i went outside to smoke a doobie but since you said something about indoors i think im going to take a rip inside right now. smoking joints is better outside and bong rips are better indoors.:smoke:
  6. Outside. Weather permitting obviously.
  7. I'd honestly prefer to smoke outdoors, it's an overall great experience no matter what weather you are in. I love to just blaze outdoors and observe nature at its finest.
  8. I like ripping bongs and bowls inside but ripping bongs outside is fun. Blunts are chill outside as well just depends on the weather really.
  9. I like outdoors but I live in apartments so it's hard to take my bong put there
  10. Nothing like smoking in the rain... Fresh air makes the high Way better!!
  11. Same here man I just moved into apartments and privacy has definitely diminished since I moved here. I used to be able to rip my bong in my backyard or garage or what not but now I'd be scared shitless to do so because cops live at my apartment complex.
  12. smoke inside and go outside or smoke outside and stay outside
  13. im glad we can all agree that smoking outdoors on a chill summer afternoon is better
  14. crazy man..
  15. Yea smokin under the stars is awesome haha especially with certain substances;)
  16. In my backyard at night under the stars when it isn't hot enough that mosquitoes are out.
  17. I like both equally. Its nice to have a nice toke with my bong inside listenin to some tunes, and its also nice to go out on the porch and have a nice toke there too.
  18. outdoors!
  19. i get the best of both in my car

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