Do you like fighting ?

Discussion in 'General' started by 4blunt2king0, Apr 12, 2009.

  1. Yea i know i might get some hate for this but i actually kinda enjoy boxing or getting in a fist fight.

    but by no mean;'s do i ever get in fights for no reason or for stupid shit.

    Anyone else like fighting or watching fights ?
  2. i like watchin UFC

    back when i was a ragin douche i used to get into a lot of fights, not randomly... just because i hung out with other douchebags.
  3. Good that you actually admit that.

    I used to be kinda a douche to.

    And i cant get enough of UFC im actually training in brazilian jui jitsu and mma at a training center here where i live. i dont expect to be the next rampage though
  4. Getting into a fight just shows that you don't have the intelligence to sort out differences like an adult.

    Boxing and UFC are both interesting sports though.
  5. i used to cock fight....till i got my balls slashed open by this guys tallens and the doctor said i might not recover...
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    I did use to fight, Back when i was at school i used to fight a couple times a week. But i was an English guy living in Ireland and i got a lot of racial abuse. Sometimes knocking a few people out was the only way to handle things. Once i bashed my way through the dicks people began to respect me and stopped with the racism.

    It cost me my right hand tho. The bones in my knuckles are seriously fucked up.

    Haven't had a fight in a long time tho. As you get older you realize its not all about looking big.
  7. I rarely fight, I'm a pretty peaceful guy. When I'm drunk though I tend to start shit..
  8. I oppose violence, and I never start fights (well I used too, long ago). But if some person just needs a good ass kicking you better be sure I will deliver.
  9. only if im drinking. Which is one reason i dont drink anymore.
  10. I suck at fighting when i'm not angry, but if you piss me off long enough, i'll erupt and smash your face in a wall, repeatedly.

    I'm a very nice guy though :p.
  11. Not true, most of the time these days fights are brought on by others.


    Intelligent or not, some fuckhead may knock you out over nothing.
  12. It's becoming more and more dangerous here in the UK to have a fight, because of knife crime.

    Now that i'm living here depending on the situation if someone starts shit i would prob walk away. I'm not going to get stabbed over nothing.
  13. thats why you always need to be ready to rock out, even if you dont like fighting
  14. Do I like fighting? That's a hard question to answer, i guess consciously i would have to say yes, but i dont bully people, and only throw the first punch if i feel in danger.

    For example, I got into an argument about 4mo ago with one of my weed friends, he was the type of person that would hit you after you turn your back. So I was face to face, and had to decide whether to pussy out, or throw the first punch to ensure my safety(keep in mind he had a switchblade). So i socked him in the face and i left unharmed. Did it feel good afterwords? Yea it was fun and exciting, just dont be the one getting fucked up.

  15. Same here but then again I've never BEEN in a fight. I've had one guy try to fight me and I put him into a submissive hold and made him stop (I thought he was my friend at the time), and other than that no one has ever tried to fight me.

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