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Do you like creeper bud?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jizzledfreq, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. I don't run into it very often, but every now and then I'll get a creeper. Last happened with some purple train wreck.

    I'll smoke a whole bowl and think... "Hmmmm... I don't feel high... man this must be some weak ass bud..." o_O

    The first hit from the 2nd bowl usually kicks it in, I'll start feeling hella paranoid. :ph34r:

    Then the high just keeps hitting me, harder, HARDER, EVEN FUCKING HARDER! :eek2:

    4-6 hours pass, if being stoned was shits creek, I'd be up it w/o a paddle. :hippie:

    I haven't smoked a good amount for a long while, but I hope the next time it's some good creeper bud. I think it's the Sativa strains that creep the most.
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  2. I get that with Black Tuna... I know it's coming... waiting for it is half the fun
  3. I have a name for this kind of herb.

    I call it a heavy sativa dom that was actually ripened up all the way lol. As a grower "creeper" means something else entirely to me lol. But i know the herb you speak of lol
  4. I had some last week. My friend gave me 1bong hit. It was about 1/3 gram in the bowl and i took it all in one hit. He said "Now wait about 15 minutes and let that creep up on ya". 15 minutes later we were in the car on the freeway at night and i started trippen. I had to close my eyes. My friend looks over at me and says" That shit is hitten ya now isn't it?" Yeah. Creeper weed.
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  5. I haven't seen true creeper in years

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  6. Sometimes. But it hasn't happened in a good bit. Don't get creeper weed like I used to. Not sure if it's the weed or me hahahahaha.
  7. My thoughts are it's your tolerance, i havent had it in a while either, but i also smoke a lot more than i used to lol

    i vote placebo but have no idea, now a days the only creeper weed i get is the ripe sativas, does have a delayed kick soemtimes, but i dont necessarily think any higher or less of it than a nice dank indica that punches you in the chest immediately. Different tokes for different strokes.
  8. Usually with indica I feel it quicker, but the heavy, sleepy feeling comes over me gradually.

    It could be tolerance as when I had that particular strain I hadn't smoked for some months, but most recently when I smoke I started feeling the effects right after the first bowl or two.

    Usually the creeping happens to me with the Sativas in the legalized states. I always think... "Meh..." only to start feeling hella paranoid then ridiculously stoned then I'm like, "Dayum!"
  9. Agree completely with the first statement.
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  10. #10 lalamann, Jan 29, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2017
    yea the first statement is largely my opinion on this lol

    second comment was me just commenting on the way you feel its more intense like 15 mins later, i think its placebo, they smoked and it took them a few minutes to realise just how good the nug really was. they just got a hold of a dank ass sativa, and didnt know what to expect compared to the "average" local herb lol. (being much faster flowering hybrids and indicas usually) A great, fully ripened, damn near pure sativa is a rarity these days, and to be cherished and treasured with utmost respect for the quality and time taken to produce it. (imo)

    A truely good, fully ripened sativa, to the other long time growers, does the thought not just make your mouth water and your stomach growl? :love-mj2:

    Yup, sativa lol, can take a few mins for it to sink in just how good the nug is. And i also think the much wider swath of cannabinoids present in the indica strains lend to the effects being felt so quickly. And these other cannabinoids color the effects of the THC, allowing less of it's stimulant properties to shine through the buzz,
  11. Don't know. Usually stay at a laughably low amount in a vape. On the other hand the T stays on the floor.
  12. Lemon Haze is an incredible creeper that had me destroyed over the same "this shit aint even getting me high" haha, been wanting to grab some seeds for ages.

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