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Do yOu like Blazing before college?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skatealex2, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Recently I have noticed that smoking before certain college classes can be fun as long as i don't get too blazed- otherwise things can get weird


    Does anyone like to blaze before college ?
  2. Im headed off to college in the fall but im pretty sketched about smoking in the dorms. any advice?
  3. I smoked in the dorms today but that was alone. I wouldn't have people over it really only works for solo smoking. The only class I would smoke before is Experiencing Music. That class is just doing folk dances and playing recorder. It would be a blast high.
  4. I smoke in my dorm all day. Everyday. Its so easy, just make a sploof and have a fan going out the window and take snaps so theres no leftover smoke to go into the room. and to answer your question i love to blaze before class, did it this morning.
  5. my freshman year i went to a different school thatn i do now and i lived in the first dormroom i had a vape so i smoked in my room all the time...but then i got caught with it so i got kicked outta my room for the rest of the my 2nd semester there i got a new room...and i smoked in there everyday and my roommates did too...all u gotta do is a have a sploof...a big widnow fan that is blowing out and a towel and airspray (nothing too strong tho)...just blow ur hit out the sploof into the fan and when ur all done spray a bit...and have the towel under the door...smoked SOOO much weed in that room its not even funny lol

    and yeah even now (i live with my parents and commute to school) i got to pretty much most of my classes high...hasnt really affected my grades so i just keep on doing it lol
  6. i only go to school for three hours a day so i usually wait till after on the days i start with my math class(cause weed+math=Bad for me) but on the other two days i always torch up a little. for my literature class all we do is sit in a circle and discuss the story/poems we had to read and its a blast while high.
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    Do you like butter on toast?

    Ofcourse. They're *INTENDED TO GO TOGETHER*

    College is a place to expand your mind, start understanding the world as an adult, and fill your brain with all sorts of information.

    Rastafari (NOT RASTAFARIAN) have used cannabis since conception because "it a sacrament that cleans the body and mind, heals the soul, exalts the consciousness, facilitates peacefulness, brings pleasure, and brings them closer to Jah."

    Once consumed, discussion of "The Truth" commences. Isn't this what college is all about? the quest for knowledge and truth? I think that Ganja and Graduation should be one.

    Peace and Ganja.
    -Healing Of Nations
  8. If you do it right its really easy to smoke in dorms and/or before class. Last year I used to rock joints while walking to class, but I live in Ann Arbor (weed is decriminalized). Whenever I blazed in my dorm I just put a towel under the door and breathed all the smoke into a fan facing outside pressed up against the screen in the windowframe.
  9. my college is a 5 minute drive from my house. blazing in the parking lot or a bong hit at home beforehand always works
  10. Yep, everyday. I find it helps me pay attention in most classes, and I get a bit better at spacial perception (like in Calc III, when you need to visualize a 3d object? I'm taking EM fields and it gets a little more bearable when I'm high). Simple math gets slower though; I can't add very well when high :p But higher level math is easier for sure.
  11. I'm going to get a vaporbrothers in three weeks and then I'll be vaping in my dorm room. I can't wait to start vaping before Calculus. I can never pay attention during math lectures since my wanders from the boredom. I think being a bit high will help me be interested in it a bit more.
  12. YES, i love just sitting there blazed, not doing anything and getting paid (my college dosn't really care tho tbh)
  13. I like to get a good buzz before going to class, but if you get too high you feel awkward.
  14. I've never had any problem smoking in dorms and going to lecture blazed, i get more intrested in the subject, just not math. God I love psychology though.

  15. agreed..psychology is very interesting whether ur stoned or not...i wanna minor in it but it may be too late for me but my intro class we had a few days when we talked about psychoactive drugs (weed, lsd, shrooms, ecstacy, heroin etc) and how it affects ur neurotransmitters...very interesting...i was blazed as fuck that day...just sitting in the back luaghing my balls off haha...the info has actually helped me out a couple times with acid and ecstacy (cuz they both fuck with ur serotonin)
  16. 1. Smoking is cool before class unless you have to be able to do things quick in it. It can make the class go realllllyyyy sloow too.

    2. smoke in you're dorm just be smart about it and don't do it with a lot of people. two/three max. if you aren't noisy they no one will know you were there and you won't have to answer the door.

  17. lol last year i lived in triple (a big triple tho) and we had like 15 kids in our room one time btwn me and my 2 roommates...we were all blazin bowls, joints, and this homemade bong that was completely retarded and u were smoking plastic (only hit that twice all semester...once when i was really drunk and once when it was the first time i saw it...then after smokng it i realized my lungs killed about 2 hours after i smoked it and could taste the plastic)...we smoked a lot of ganja in that room haha...its all just depends on your dorm/school/campus police
  18. I smoke everyday, before every class, and I'm doing great in class because I notice one of 2 things happen, either:

    1. I am really high and I find the class fascinating and interesting and I take notes and pay attention.


    2. I am really high and I get paranoid and think that the teacher knows I'm high so I force myself to take notes and pay attention so they don't catch on.

    Either way, I'm paying attention and taking notes :smoking:

    As for smoking in the dorms, at my school it's really sketchy to do that so I just go around the corner in my car and rip the bong.
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    i love going to history class high but math isnt cool cuz if i get confused i feal like im the only one confused....(my math teacher is retared he will go thro a whole problem and then when u tell him he made a mistake hell earse it then not exsplanit at all....)

    ...and i live 30 min away from my j.c. and im to scared to bring weed with me if im not buy, but im still scared...(deep south...) and my hi wares off buy the time i get there....(and its good weed i just got a large tolarance...)
  20. Just thought of this -- are students allowed to join the campus police? That would be pretty sweet having ears on the inside so to speak.

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