Do you like avocados?

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  1. I bought and ate my first avocado yesterday as part of my effort  in changing my diet, but I still want my taste buds to cause my brain to release dopamine.
    As I said in a previous post:  Eggs.  They are awesome, cheap, good for you, filling, and awesome.
    The same is true with avocados, except for they cost my per serving.  Right now one avocado costs $1.  They provide a great source of healthy fats, dietary fiber, and vitamin C.  Did I mention that they taste good?  Well, they're also versatile.  You can make many types of food with them. mmmmm

  2. Yea, they're great!
  3. What does this have to do with weed?

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  4. Only with something like a taco.
  5. Raw eggs contain samonela half the time, better to cook it 
  6. never really had one....... what's it taste like? and know you can make guacamole but that doesn't look to good...
  7. Make guacamole out of it. I think it's delicious.
  8. Please show a reference.
    And do cook the eggs...
  9. That's what they taught me in culinary school.
  10. just because its a forum focused on cannabis doesn't mean everything has to be weed related :) 
  11. I don't eat them straight, but with nachos, tacos, chips, or pretty much any mexican food they are really good.
  12. I would have had food poisoning by now from eating cookie dough and brownie batter with raw eggs.
    The last source I checked mentioned 1/30,000 eggs contain the bacteria.
  13. Alright I'm going off what my teacher said, maybe he was wrong.
  14. Let's just cook our eggs to be safe, and let's pack another bowl, shall we? :bongin:
  15. :bongin: :metal:
  16. Yea but .... Avocados lol

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  17. haha well id WAY rather read a thread about food than another goddamn "should i smoke a joint or a blunt tonight guys" thread. lol as far as avocados go, i'm not the hugest fan, i just don't like the texture :/
  18. 1. Peel avocado
    2. Salt avocado
    3. ???
    4. Profit!!!
    Seriously though, salted avocado is fucking amazing.
    Also, +1 to eggs, I'm a fat piece of shit so recently I tried this diet that's like Adkin's but with a little fruit and vegetables and the easiest, best meals usually involved eggs. They're pretty much just proteins and you can make some awesome shit with them. One of the best things to do is take some hard-boiled eggs and put them in a bowl, smash 'em up with a fork, add hot sauce and mayonnaise, and mix. 
    The only thing about eating healthy is when you get baked and get the munchies... healthy food just doesn't do it lol.
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    Nope . 
    Not yet anyway ...
    Taste is constantly developing over any lifetime IMO
  20. They're green.

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