Do you know where this is?

Discussion in 'General' started by unoit, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. HIGH All, got way out of it the other day and went to a football game and do you think I could remember where I went and with who....was it you I went with?
    Anybody know where I went?

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  2. yeah man you were with me the whole night
  3. Hahahah nice try, but that stadium looks like its tiny and made outta legos or something.
  4. whaaa? the stadium has legs? i am baked..

  5. LOL, I said it looked like it was made out of LEGOS like in legoland.
  6. Look at the tree in the background. Pretty big tree if you ask me.

  7. Must be a Sequoia...! :D :cool:
  8. HIGH All, *LOL* yes my Friends...Lego land....hey just wanted to make sure you Blades were on your same place, same time?

    Must admit...some cool shit eh!!
  9. haha very cool dude

  10. Man, If I was at that same place as in the pic, I would have brought a laser pointer. I'd HELLA fuck with people.
  11. So do I get a prize for having guessed it? :(

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