Do You Know This Bud Burglar?

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    So this guy comes to my collective(i'm a member/family) and tries to burglarize the place last night. Surveillance pic isn't the best, but do you recognize him? Fresno, Ca. area. If so, please PM me and let's serve some justice.

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  2. it's eddie murphy
  3. Not really the best picture. Hard to get much of a good look at him.
  4. Freno, CA?

    Not Fresno, CA?

    I have a buddy in Fresno. Either way that guy doesn't look familiar to me.

    Edit: Love how you saved the pic as dickhead.jpg lmao!

    Further Edit: You changed it to Fresno, ok lol.
  5. Yeah. Hoping a member or someone recognizes them.

  6. Edited. Sorry. But yeah, Fresno, Ca.
  7. hard to get a good looks but im sure you can photoshop it to get a better profile pic, put an ad on craigslist in your area in the for sale section with his picture say reward of 5 grand if caught with your information
  8. Already a $1k reward in-house, but i like it!
  9. that guy looks like Scorpion, you can find him in Mortal Kombat games
  10. It says tries to rob the place, did he actually get anything or this just to catch the douche?
  11. i swear i recognize him, but idk where from! Maybe that's it. MK. LOL!
  12. To the best of my knowledge, he tried and got nothing. But he caused over $1k in damage that could benefit the many charities we donate to.
  13. its a shame to see someone trying to steal from a collective. Collectives are specifically their to help the community anyone willing to steal from a collective is scum
  14. Sleep with a shotgun or a bat under your pillow.
    Once you hear noises outside, there's your queue.
  15. Hope you catch him bro: shittest crime out there...stealing weed.
  16. Ay thats my boy Jamal
  17. That mortal kombat thing made me laugh hard!!!

    GET OVER HERE!!!!!!!

    oshit downloading MK games
  18. I got a homie who knows everyone in fresno i'll shoot him a message on facebook see if he knows...

    other than that..
    he's probably a member. Look at the old survelance tapes and try and get a match with customers.
  19. A member in good standing said she THINKS he was behind her in line to get membership as she was signing in. DEFINITELY reviewing the tapes, but i think they will be getting better cameras soon too. Got a $1K reward out and possibly growing.

    Appreciate your help. i've posted here, FB, and e-mails.
  20. He looks like a demon

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