Do you know people who are against legalization

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  1. It has come to my attention that some people still believe marijuana should be illegal. The world has done research and actually they found that weed has rediculous amounts of medicinal perposes. Intact from depression to cancer, all we have to do is smoke some herb and boom it's already helping. So my question is how many people do you know that are against legalization? And how would you change there mind
  2. dealers
    doubt you could change their mind
  3. Just today in the Daily Mail and mentioned on the BBC morning news was a spurious news item about schizophrenia and cannabis use. The anti cannabis forces who are apt to lie to get thir point of view across are being aided by an intellectually lazy media who spread these fqlsehoods. THe facts are that there IS a link between those with a predisposition to schizophrenia and cannabis, alcohol and other drugs..but the link is not causal. Meaning that people who go onto develop schizophrenia are statistically more likely to use drugs like cannabis and alcohol...BUT, there is no science at all showing that cannabis or alcohol use CAUSES schizophrenia to develop...only that likely schizos tend to be attracted to their use. That distinction is crucial but is either intentionally ignored or is beyond the understanding of many people.
    I suggest that people google "DR Grinspoon talks about medical marijuana" where he speaks about this very issue.
  4. I seen this this morning on sky news haha

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  5. Ye my mum and dad

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  6. The tobacco, alcohol, oil, pharmaceutical industries, police unions, and others lobby against legalization.  
    I not only want it legalized for medical, but it should be available from any country that we do not have sanctions against, first and foremost Mexico, where great weed can be produced for a fraction of the cost of domestic products.  This enrages people who are planning on making a career of producing marijuana in North America, so I guess they'll lobby against that, lol. 
  7. I am against legalization, I think decriminalization is the better path. Honestly good weed is not hard to find today and the prices aren't bad (if you know the right person). The only thing to gain from legalization is commercialization which means big business and corporate control over the plant. Chemicals will be added, as seen in the tobacco industry, and advertising will push marijuana onto people who probably would not have smoked otherwise. As long as they no longer arrest anyone thats fine with me.
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    Big corporations = cheap prices. It's not like 'big corporations' are running the black market, oh wait there are ever heard of a cartel? Oh, but cartels aren't as bad as greedy corporations, instead of lowering prices for the consumer to put small business's out of business they rape and behead their competition so that consumers have no choice but to come to them.
    Yes, legalization would make lower quality weed more available for PISS cheap of what you are paying for now. Like, imagine if you could get a pound of some ok mids with no seeds for around $30. Dank would still be around with high quality but would also be way cheaper.
    Look at the tobacco industry. Like 95% of the tobacco, yes is shit filled with chemicals to make them burn better. This Tobacco is piss cheap. But it's not like you can't purchase quality tobacco. Cigars, pipe tobacco, natural tobacco are all also available for a little bit more money. BUT STILL PISS CHEAP. How much does a quality cigar run... like $25? the average nice size cigar would have around ~14 grams of tobacco. And how much would that same cigar cost if it was filled with high quality bud.. that would go for $150-$200 in the south.
    So yea.. legalization is the way to go.. 
  9. Seems like a farmers union is in the Real gap between the growers and retail customers. I agree with the blade who said commercialization of weed would be terrible...can you imagine Monsanto getting in on the seed business...pretty soon their zombie gene would be not only in corn but our weed genetics as well. Good time to make some seeds and keep your stock replenished every year.

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