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    Apparently, several years ago, someone (as in some company) in the US or in Canada made a Hydro grow box that was so perfect for weed, they illegalized it in America.
    A few years after that, my best buddies uncle and a few of his friends invested 6 grand each (box) into having a few of these shipped over here. Uncle's plans for growing never worked out for some reason, and he's let his dearest nephew take the reigns.
    One of those spiffy things now sits in my friends garage, collecting dust.

    In a few weeks, it will sit in mine, clean and functioning.
    The box is about 3 or 4 feet cubed. It houses 6 mother plants and has a seperate space that can hold 3 clones or seedlings. It has a nifty built in computer thing that measures the water nutrients and pH levels. It also does...god knows what else. It's a sophistimacated piece of technology.
    Anyone know what thing I'm talking about? I want to do some research on it, but I don't know what it's called, and google doesn't seem to register "Illegal hydroponic grow kit" as anything unusual.
  2. umm you mean ebb n flow? or the drip system? Those are legal here...
  3. ...No. It's illegal. I'm talking about a specific system, not a general kind.
  4. so the USA outlawed a home made hydro setup that someone made??/
  5. It isn't home made, someone as in some company
  6. wanna just sell it to me :) im only like a 20 mins drive away
  7. I very much doubt congress went through all the legal avenues of getting a home grow box outlawed here in the states... seems like someone's been feeding you a bunch of BS.

    The ONLY possible way it would be illegal is if it contained Marijuana upon purchase... other than that any of the supplies used in any kind of grow box are readily available to anyone here in the US.
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    Haha no can do, my man. This box is going to make me some cash. I finally found it online Btw. It's this one -

    Oh and it doesn't state if it is illegal on the site, but my friend assures me that it is, though he hasn't shed the details. It is indeed from Canada, though. I could have sworn they illegalized some hydro equipment here, but I'll look into that too.
  9. I've never seen any hydroponic equipment that's cannabis-specific. It would be impossible to illegalize something that regular indoor farmers would utilize.

    I'd think bongs would be the first thing to be outlawed, but since you could possibly use them to smoke tobacco, they're still being sold state side.... same thing with syringes...
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    If 6 grand paid for that grow box, someone got straight ripped off. Like ripped off more than I've ever seen anyone ripped off before.

    Your friend is spewing bullshit to you and has no idea what he/she is talking about.

    It's like silencers are technically legal, but the second you put it on a gun, it becomes illegal.
  11. A good friend of mine owns a local Hydro shop. He had these in a couple of years ago. And yes, they are WAY overpriced. Even at wholesale.
    So, there was MANY issues with it. Poor workmanship, faulty electrical, the box cooked when running.
    All of these issues were told to the Manufacturing rep, who did nothing about it. Nothing.
    My friend finally cancelled all orders, told them to pick up what he had left, which they never did, and refused to pay them off. Never heard from them again.

    And HELL no they are not illegal in the US. Thats just silly and your friend is sadly misinformed by his Uncle tryin' to save face for getting suckered into buyin' this POS.
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    So the thing doesn't look like it's illegal at all, but I can see how someone can think it is from checking the FAQ on the website for it. Here's a few things from it that tipped me off that this wasn't intended for regular legal plant cultivation.
    "What about smell? \t
    The unit comes with (included) a coco-carbon filter to eliminate unwanted odors."
    How long does it take to harvest? \t
    10-12 weeks from cuttings. 2 weeks for rooting, 2 weeks for vegetation, 6-8 weeks for flowering, depending of your strain."

    Also, it's listed at around 2000 dollars on the site.
  13. Either way you don't want to spend 2K on something you could make better for $500.
  14. I suppose so, but the good thing is the only thing i have to pay for is the nutrients solutions and a replacement bulb, so the only thing left to do is to try the thing out.
  15. they were featured in high times magazine. there pretty much a fully automatated grow controlled by a computer

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