Do you know anyone in Norwich UK?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Digit, Apr 13, 2004.


did u tell the tokers you know in norwich about this right?

  1. i am from norwich!

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  2. yeps i told em / gonna tell em

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  3. nopes, cant be bothered. this j wont let me tell them

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  4. nopes i dont know no one from norwitch / where's norich / who is noridge?

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  1. Do you know anyone in Norwich UK?

    tell them about this...,3674

    make it happen people.

    focussed, concentrated bursts ... and BIG bursts too. that would certainly rock up the cause a bit eh?
  2. brilliant idea, did you post it on overgrow too, i think a lot more English growers and smokers go there too........?.......Peace out.........Sid

    now that would make watching the results come in a lot more interesting than that grey dude and his bloody 3-d charts
  3. I live about an hour by train away from norwich
  4. Norwich? Isn't that where Alan Parkinson lived? Haha, just saw the rest of the show. Man that guy's pathetic lol

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