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do you 'hog it' or 'blag it'...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bUdMoNkEy, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. ...smokin with people from different countries i've noticed distinct differences in 'hold time' my experience here in the uk - people tend to hold onto the dube...maybe smokin up to a third/half b4 passin will only be passed 2-3 times b4 the roach is hit ...whereas my US friends take one or two tiny draws and pass straight away...a single spliff will go round at least 6/7 times...but tokin with a NZ mate, i'll be lucky to see any of it...but he'll always offer me his bag for me to 'do one' for myself...
  2. with my friends (here in the US of A) we take a couple hits and pass it quick. That way no one is left out and sitting there waiting long. It also brings the buzz up the about the same on everyone rather than one person getting high first and then passing.

  3. ..know wot you're saying...i think we hold on to the dube longer because we all tend to each have one on the go...bunch of weed pigs...
  4. here, if it's more than a few people, we just hit it once before passing. If it's like 2-3 people, it's puff, puff, pass.
  5. Here in denmark its custom to puff twice, then pass.

    Unless you r more then 4 peeps, then you do an indian (2 joints in rotation, whom ever ends up with 2 joints at the same time, puffs 4 times on each).
  6. puff puff give
  7. For a joint we usually do 1 hit and pass, so you got to make that hit as big as possible. Blunts are 2 full hits and pass.
  8. whilst taking bong or pipe hits, once good hit- pass

    blunts and joints, puff puff pass for life!
  9. Puff puff pass...unless its hookah, thne its like 3 or 4...or if its bong rips, we do one then pass. But if we're smokin wit girls, we do 1 toke each, but we shotgun around to the left :)
  10. smoke half then pass to my gurl.....
  11. Puff Puff Pass. No matter what im smoking.

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