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Discussion in 'General' started by XColonelsPrideX, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. I am sitting here with the vaporizer just thinking about what i should make for dinner- then I got the strangest craving. I couldn't at first put my finger on it, but after a few minutes of really wracking my brain (and a few more bowls) I figured out what it is! PB CRISPS!! I went on to peapod to see if I could order myself some. (I am not THAT lazy, i was going to go to the store to buy them but I didnt know if they were there.. peapod was my of checking). I couldnt find them!!! :eek: I searched in google.. NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

    .....did they go away!?!?! :confused:

    and do you guys remember those??? I could just sit there and eat a bag in one sitting..... yum!!!

    **on a randomy note**
    Do you guys remember The Goonies?? I just recently watched it and there is a scene that I believe was cut. I asked 'The Colonel' about it and he said he never remembered this scene. GUYS HELP! I think im going nuts. OKAY so let me set the scene...
    -the kids fell out into the water.. the scene involves all the characters walking to the pirate ship and a giant squid is rubbing against their legs- then it attacks them. I EVEN remember a particular part when the girl turns around and tells the guy to stop it.... -
    Im begining to think i might have dreamt it if it wasnt there and "Colonel" doesnt remember it.

    Two random topics.. one post. :bongin: oh yeh.
  2. who made pb crisps?.....were they the peanut shaped pb filled things by planters?
  3. YES!!! those things were fucking awesome, too bad I was like 10 when I last had them. Damnnnnn
  4. yup!!! that'd be them.
  5. AHHH!!! NO WAY!!!

    That just put THE BIGGEST SMILE on my face. thank you thank you.
    :yay: :yay: :yay:
  6. Meh, don't remember pb crisps.
    But I do remember Koala Yummies!! Those things were great. With the little koala bears and their faces. Aww.
  7. What about dunkaroos!?!?! Do you guys remember those?
  8. yes hahah! i licked the cream out, then just ate the cookies haha

    or I put cream inbetween 2 cookies

    after seeing that commercial...I HAVE TO HAVE PB CRISPS!
  9. holy shit i jus remember exactly wth u were talking about i was like pb crisps?? but yaaa holy shit those were so fucking good havent had em in foreverrr
  10. Haha dude me and some buddies were just talking about those. This guy my friend knows had them, so he asked him where he got them. And the kid said his mom made him in the basement. I was really ripped so when he said that I could not stop fucking laughing, just imagining this kids mom making industrial products in their basement and like depositing cream in the little section and also cause DUNKAROOS.
  11. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSS those were so fucking good... kangaroo cool shaped cookies and dipp em in either chocolate or like vanilla sprinkled cream.....omg i feel like im 8 yrs old again lol
  12. I'll have that guys mom make you some.
  13. lol thats sketchy how his mom jus chills and makes kids snacks hahaha... i think they do still sell them tho.. im sittin here tryin to think of snacks i use to eat in elementary...fuckin fruit roll ups, fruit by the foot, those r good too
  14. oh man i remember having those!!! that was a long time ago though, in a galaxy far far away... well maybe not a galaxy far away, but i still haven't had them in a while.... Here's another one for you guys - i can't remember the name, but i distinctly remember this cereal. It was a strange sort of almost frost mini wheats SHAPE but some were filled with fruit flavor, and some weren't. I know this is a really odd one, and maybe this was all in a dream:D, but i distinctly remember them tasting really good. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

    thanks for PB Crisps commercial :hello:
  15. :eek: Those were the greatest! If im thinkin about the right thing. You dunk em in frosting right?
  16. exactly right :hello:
  17. Hahah i don't believe him because he's an angry Asian. But then again, thats the reason I believe him... Man I feel all old and shit now haha
  18. gotta go with gushers too my man...though i believe they're still made... i remember going to camp and when my mom made my lunch i would hope she'd put them in there... or a fruit by the foot
  19. Gushers! I had those a few weeks ago at the house I babysit at. It was awsome- such a flashback to the cafeteria in elementary school.

    Do you guys remember those bottles of juice shaped as a barrel? Yum. Icey pops are basically those juices frozen... I could eat them all day.

    ACTUALLY heres something fun to do- get an icey pop and take a HOT shower or a bath... (don't forget to smoke before hand)...... and eat the icey pop while in the shower/bath... its awsome cause you are so warm and then your mouth is cold- and with being high its a fun contrast. I found that out recently.........just passing along the knowledge. heh.

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