Do you guys cure your weed?

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    Do any of you guys put some Buds in mason jars like the ones sealed in vacuo with half full and just leave it there sitting for days or months to get a better taste and more THC? Please if you do it,what is the name of this process?? Does it really work??Thank you stoners!

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  2. After they hang dry I jar em up. Sometimes a month or four. U gotta let them air out daily to prevent mold though. As far as increasing the thc....sounds mythical
  3. I hang for about 12 days then do a quick trim and jar em up! I burp jars every 6 or so hours and let it sit for 1\\2 hour or so. Everyday for a week then I burp 1 time a day for 10-15 second count then I burp 1 time a week for next two weeks. After another month its ready! 2 month cure locks in flavanoids and a cigar style burn
  4. I don't because I don't grow my own.  I will occasionally burp a jar or two if she has been sitting for a few months, love the smell of bud.
  5. i most certainly do
    about to jar some up in a couple days. i'll burp them a few times a day, for about 5-7 days. then seal em up till smoke time
    still got a single jar left from last harvest, been sealed for almost 3 months :yummy:  can't wait to open her up
  6. thats just called leaving your bud alone, essentially drying it out and making for a harsher smoke. its not going to increase potency, although it is a common myth that it will. curing is something else entirely. 
  7. I live in Colorado and the climate here tends to be quite dry. I hang my branches with the leaves still attached to slow down the drying process and trim before I jar. I have Hygometers built into the lids so I can tell what the RH is inside without popping the tops. When I jar the buds, they tend to read around 65 RH and I burb the jars daily for 10 minutes and put the tops back on. I do that for several weeks until I get them down to 55 RH which is where I keep them for 90 days. MJ cures best at that humidity and let's all the bacteria do it duty...
    Your weed after a proper cure should go down without a cough for even the most novice smoker and the taste is incredible!
  8. I'll agree to that. I burp jars blah blah blah. I have discovered that after about 2 months in the jar, the bud is ripe. The flavor and the smell come through real strong. Usually around Christmas-new years. After 6 months, the bud starts getting really dry and harsh and starts turning into shwag.
  9. Every time. Makes for better taste, smell and burn.
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    Dumb question maybe, but what's the difference between "curing" and "putting the weed in a mason jar"?  If I buy some weed that hasn't been properly cured (not sure how I'd know) can I cure it myself?
    (I don't grow my own currently.)
  11. Curing smooths the flavor out and breaks down the chlorophyll a little and stabilizes the weed for long term storage.
    Over dried will taste and smell like grass hay. Under dried will start to compost and put off an ammonia smell as its rotting.
    The dry and cure makes the weed, you can take the best fresh buds on earth and fuck it all up if you dont pay attention.
    I chop and dry 3-7 days and jar it up in big 1/2 gallon jars and check often.
    A month is a good cure.
  12. Unless you are growing it yourself, or getting fresh bud leaving it in a jar a month isn't going to make a huge difference. A good cure does make it taste better, but does nothing to increase thc. However, by the time the weed has went from a grower, to a dealer or two, then to a customer whatever curing it is going to do is already done. By that time if its too moist odds are its been moist too long and will never taste good and if it was dried too fast all the moisture in the world being added back won't improve the quality. Honestly any decent grower shouldn't be letting poorly cured weed go to market, but greed usually wins out.
  13. Curing also allows natural decarboxylation over time, so yes some THCa gets converted to THC during the curing process. Not a lot and it would happen as you smoke it anyway, but technically there is an increase in THC.

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  14. yeah i cut down my OG Kush and Strawberry Blue
    They hung for about a week in a my closet with 2 fans with oscillating air and now there sitting in jars.I pop them open everyday for a little bit.The OG always reeked of lemon and gasoline especially when she was first chopped.
    Curing is making the best the best out of your bud and getting out left over chemicals from your grow from fertilizers and chlorophyll.

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