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Do you get used to being high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GeetarFreak, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. I know theres a topic on this but i wanted to get some new opinions on this.

    I still cant really get used to being high and ive been smoking for a year and a half, i did stop for about 6 months though. I have this friend who gets high everyday and it made wonder if hes used to being high or not.

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    what do you mean by "being used to it"? like being able to function? if so, i guess yeah you do. you learn how you act when your high, and become more comfortable when high.
  3. I know exactly what you mean, I use to kinda fear getting high because it would put me in another world and I wouldn't be able to function like a normal person. The more you smoke along the years you start to "get use to it" as you say. You can function perfectly normal even after smoking a couple bong rips. You can do things better high then you would sober. I know the feeling you have, it will go away. But once it's gone, it's hard to get back. Many people including my self can't get high like we use to no matter how long of a t break you take. Enjoy it while you can, it's like being a kid. It won't be the same forever.
  4. One day, a time will come when you fondly reminisce about these days and pine for these newbie moments that take you to another planet.
    It's like drinking. Do you get drunk off of one beer like when you first tried it? Your tolerance will go up and you won't get these strong effects anymore. It's a blessing and a curse.  :rolleyes:
  5. Yes you do get used to it as in being able to function and being more comfortable. I got used to it after after like maybe 10 times
  6. On that same note though, if you take a break for a period of time (allowing the receptors in your brain and body to clear out), just as with pharmaceuticals or alcohol, your tolerance will decrease and you will feel "higher." But after that initial induction period, it probably won't ever hit you as hard as it did the first time in most cases.
    I believe a lot of that initial overwhelming high has to do with it being a brand new experience and your not being sure what to expect and having never experienced anything quite like it before. Once you start smoking again, be it after taking a break for a week, a month, or even a few years you have an idea of what's going to happen.
    It's like when you travel and visit a new place. Everything is new and you experience it with a kind of wide-eyed wonder, but after spending a few weeks there, that "newness" wares off. But if you leave and come back again later, you still have those memories. 
    But if it has been several years, or in the experience of one friend of mine, 30 years since she last smoked, those memories had faded to such a point that it really was like smoking again for the first time.
    Its late and I'm tired, otherwise my thoughts here would probably be a little more clear and concise, but I hope this helps =)
    (No, I'm not high right now lol)
  7. hell yea, i had a point in time where i would smoke atleast a qtr of highgrade to myself a day just chainsmoking blunts counting money, when it was all said and done and i sobered up after about 2 yrs of good luck fucking up my tolerence i realized my brother was right about me wasting weed because he would smoke on the same blunt all day just hit it a time or 2 and put it out, i also caught myself going a little crazy lost in my stoner world counting money looking through the blinds to make sure the law wasnt watching, cutting of close friends over trust issues and affiliating with bad people just for the love of the money, never again will i let myself go down that road it was to the point i was waking up high but i was so used to being high i wouldnt feel high, just roll another to pick me back up like its caffeine or something, damn shame
  8. Well as someone who has been through months and months without smoking, I notice that when I haven't smoked in a while I get stupidly high and couch locked off just a good blunt shared. As opposed to when I have been smoking on a consistent basis not necessarily everyday but like at least twice every week, I feel way more functional.For instance, a couple months ago I would smoke here and there and my gf would be mad and didn't want me to smoke all the time when she came through cuz I would eat then doze off on her and sleep the whole time she was with me. I've been doing it consistently again and I can function just fine, eyes don't get as red or low, not as tired and I'm keeping the gf happy by showin her love haha. But I would always experience this. I would never smoke that much through out the school year (couldn't get away with it with mom) but when summer came and I would visit my dad who really didn't care about me smoking, I would get little kid first time smoking high for maybe a week and after that be able to smoke a blunt to the dome and function no matter what I'm doing. But I think getting use to it/functioning just comes with time/experience, tolerance and you. Like I have some oler family that has smoked everyday for 15+ years and can go about any daily activities that they please with no problem at all. And go to work high everyday with no problem because they have done it for so long and can handle themselves as to some just starting out smoking, going to work high is unthinkable to them. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. Yea i get that because when i start blazing more often i start functioning better then ill stop for a few months and get back to that old high.

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  10. It's called a tollerance Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. I believe tolerance plays a factor, but I also believe that there is a separate factor at work. I believe that we develop an experience, a learned experience that is not tied to receptors. Instead of being bewildered by what is happening to our minds, we just enjoy it, allowing us to continue to do normal functions.
    I would argue that having experienced marijuana for some time will condition you to handle yourself better, and in turn, get "less high" - no matter the tolerance breaks you take. 

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