do you get the spins?

Discussion in 'General' started by waterhurley, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. well last night my friends smoked me out. i came home and started to drink. usually i can mix the 2 and be perfectly fine. once i started talking to my dad it hit me so hard. i had too much to drink. the room started to spin and i head for the toilet and well there it all goes. i know ALOT of it had to do with the alcohol. i had 4 jack and cokes (i pour them strong), 3 straight swigs of blackberry brandy, kaluha and milk, and 4 beers. i wasnt expecting to smoke... oh well.

    anyone else ever get the spins when mixing pot and booze?
  2. With me it depends a lot what order I do them in...If i smoke and then drink i'm usually fine..but If I'm already drunk and then I smoke a lot...It gives me the spins SO SO bad.. For some reason getting the spins always reminds me of getting flushed down a toilet.. and thats usually what i end up lying in bed thinking when I have the spins...
  3. 1 shot and you are drunk lol, mouthwash could prolly get the job done ;)

    beer before grass you are on your ass
    grass before beer, in the clear

    follow the rhymes man, it is how it goes
  4. that makes sense.... kinda like

    liquor before beer your in the clear
    beer before liquor, never been sicker. << thats the one i live by
  5. same here man, stick to the rhymes then the night will go fine(didnt mean for that to sound like that but nyeh go with it :D)
  6. oh hush up im not that bad..its at least 2-3 shots :p and hey it saves me money like u wouldnt believe ;)
  7. yeah thats true, a trip to the bar can get expensive, be hard to keep up drinking with you, id have to keep doing double shots quickly while you slowly sip on em hahaha
  8. no saving money is donating your blood to the red cross, then pounding 3 beers and being shitfaced.

    god its like 10 hours late i can still feel the alcohol in my system... im not feeling too good...
  9. pretty much anytime i smoke after i drink i get that rushing sensation or the spins, even if i'm not that drunk, jus like buzzed, they just dont mix for me, i dont like alcohol anyway
  10. I dont get the spins from drinking or smoking pot or mixing them, I do however get the spins horribly from nicotine. I cant even finish a whole cigarette, i can do 3/4 and i get the spins so bad i have to sit down for like 30 mins.

  11. I used to get the spins when I was a teenager. I don't remember if it mattered what order I did them in, but I'd usually have to lay down on a couch, with one hand on the wall and one foot on the floor to keep the room from spinning. I rarely drink anymore (my 20's were spent mostly drinking with periods of psychedelics frequently mixed in) and when I do, it's usually because I'm out of weed and that's not often. So, I don't really give myself the opportunity to get the spins from the mix of the two. :cool:
  12. I get them sometymes but that is just when I am blazed out of my gourd. I do not drink though, so I guess it is just being really high that makes me feel like the spins sometymes. JOE>
  13. I can't say I've ever had the spins from mixing the two. The only time it has happened was when I made the stupid decision to mix my booze with an energy drink, and that did not end too well. I also find the buzz I get from either substance sometimes interferes with the other, so I don't mix too often.
  14. I've gotten them a once or twice, wasn't very fun at all so from then on I've stopped drinking before it happens.
  15. I have only got the spins 2 or 3 times in my life. Every single time it was due to the fact that I didn't smoke until AFTER I was already incredibly drunk. The amount you smoke/drink plays a big factor as well.

    I drink before smoking all the time, but if I'm not hammered I can easily avoid the spins.
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  17. HAHAHA!! Holy shit. I was singing this song in my head when i saw neg and tokinblue names. great minds think alike.

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