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Do You Get Euphoria From Weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, Jun 8, 2013.


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    lluvatar, you said exactly what I want to say :) Now if you want a really good euphoric high, you could smoke something like malawi gold, which is pure sativa, and I bet it would make you giggle.
  3. I definitely get euphoric. My hyperactive mind tends to stress me the fuck out almost daily, and there's only one way to be relieved from it.
  4. If you smoke a smal amount, it gives you Euphoria, if you smoke more, it acts as a depressant and therefore, you are just high. Smoke one or two hits out of a small pipe and wait about 15 minutes. You'll see how happy and excited you get.  :yay:
  5. I always experience it, as I am about to light the herb.
  6. I don't.  It doesn't really improve my mood at all.  Especially after trying harder things and experiencing real euphoria.
  7. It mostly depends on my mood but also the strain.
    90% of the time it definitely does create some euphoria or lifted mood from getting hit with that unique marijuana high and relaxation. 
    Obviously can't compare the euphoria to something like blow or molly.
  8. Not euphoria per se..but very relaxed, which for me is just as good.
  9. I used to :(... Guess it's time for a tolerance break!

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  10. yesterday night i smoked 2 bowls of this bud called Purple Sticky Punch (from the clinic) it had me laughing while playing games on my xbox 360, and my tolerance is pretty damn high
  11. Why would you smoke if you don't feel euphoric? But to answer your question, yes I do.
  12. That's not euphoria, that's insanity.

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