Do you get confused when someone changes their Sig/avatar

Discussion in 'General' started by M369, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. I know i do. Even if i know the person really well. When the avatar or Sig changes it confuses the hell outta me and i don't know who they are.

    And if they change at the same time i got no hope.

    I think people are mostly recognised by their Sig's and avatars on here.
    Does it confuse anyone else.
  2. My name in itself confuses people. I couldn't tell you how many PM's I have had about that.

    I also change my sig/avy a lot.

    I'm a confusing mother fucker I guess.
  3. I love your name I think its genius.
  4. Hah, I confused myself when I changed mine a couple of days ago.
    I was like "Who the fuck's this imposter?" :eek:
    Forgetting I'd just changed it
  5. I just wish I knew how to make a sig !
    i am how you say....not so computer savvy
  6. Was wondering why you stopped rockin Eazy-E
  7. do what i did: find a random picture, fuck around with the colors in photoshop and put a hempleaf somewhere in it.
  8. Ya and whenever someone has an avatar of a famous person all their posts sound like that person in my head when i read it. (not the most clear sentence ever)

  9. It may sound bad but I don't know how to work photo shop..unless your talking about paint.....gah I am embarrassed lol :eek::eek::eek::eek:
  10. everyone is changin their avy lately
    its confusing as shitt
  11. Whoo someone agrees!
  12. THC has a pretty bad ass name xD hahaha. he's a fucking genius.

    i get somewhat confused, but then again i think oh cool. new sig//av.

    i myself need a new avatar. Gettin tired of this man right here. Mayuri anybody? :wave:
  13. I made both my sig and my avatar in MS paint and I'm proud god damn it!. :D
  14. well i mean photoshop is kinda like super smash brothers you just press random buttons until you win.
  15. yea def

    iv had the same avy since day 1 and no plans of changin it

  16. i think it's time for a change my friend :smoke:
  17. if anyone wants to help me make a cool one it would be much appreciated...I would be your internet sex slave ??? Lol ;)
  18. I do. When I didn't get on here for awhile and came back EVERYONE had changed up their shit for the most part.

    I was so lost =\

  19. i cant i have to represent all the dinosaurs that where killed by the giant meteor


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