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Do you get better or worse at games?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Jibbs, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. After waking up and smoking, I am finding that I perform much worse at NHL than when I am sober. Do ya'll get better or worse?
  2. I get a lot better at FPS games, but when im high i just mess around all the times in sports games :cool:

  3. I haven't tried blackops or battlefield yet, but all Im doing in NHL is fighting and getting penalties :cool:
  4. Ive noticed that im worse at FPS when im blazed but i also enjoy it more. Cant stand playing anything unless ive had a smoke.
  5. I play much less intelligently. In Madden all I want to do is throw the ball deep. I throw like 3 INTs lol. In Black Ops 2, I only use the Type25 and run straight into the middle basically spraying at anyone. So I'm worse. I find that since I am playing in a rather unorthodox style, sometimes I will come up with the sickest kills.
  6. just like anything else - there's good days and bad days regardless if im stoned or not. lastnight on SC2 i was suckin major balls but today on the same lvl i beat it in half the time. just needed to take the time to think things through. i think that's the main skills in most games - planning and timing. if you don't time something just right you fall through the cracks

    edit: also for future reference, there's a gamers hearbeat sub forum :)

  7. Well said man, I could just be having a bad day. Or I am blazed as fuck :D
  8. I get better at Runescape but worse at WOW

  9. Haha billygoo try playing solitaire
  10. No motherfucker stops me at halo 4 sober and I'm just master chief stoned
  11. I get worse when I play cod but I get way better in gta
  12. My FIFA skills improve drastically when im high. Playin an FPS on the other hand... Haha I'm just too slow and docile to be bothered killing people. I normally get distracted by mundane things such as tin cans on the floor, or odd looking shadows.... Lul. Minecraft whilst baked is quite fun; i once built a humungous bong that I was very proud of :D
  13. Na too boring bro
  14. I'm an animal sober on cod.

    But I'm rarely sober
  15. For me I get better with games I'm familiar with, most people I know play FPS games, and I don't play many at all, so I usually just end up getting worse.
  16. I'm always stoned so I'm not sure how I play when I'm not high. I would probably be bored because of how un-high I would be.
  17. I get better at CoD when im high lol. I havnt really tried with anything else. Gta's probably pretty awesome high

  18. Im ok at tf2, but I am mainly just socializing talking about the whisker wars
  19. I'm usually worse at NHL, but FPSs are my shit it doesn't affect me too bad. I'm actually insane at TF2 when baked
  20. I get worse at fps although bein high does keep me from raging when i play them.

    If were talking nhl or mario bros, i get better.

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