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Do you find that smoke shops tend to overprice?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by zbro6, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Seems like all smoke shops around me tend to overprice their items.  For example the first vape I bought was the twister by vaporite at my local smoke shop and ended up seeing it around $60 cheaper online a few months later.  Even the prices on some of the glass seems a bit ridiculous.  Is it better to get most of your paraphernalia online?

  2. Yep, thats the way she goes.
  3. yeah, the prices they charge are absurd most of the time. 
  4. You don't pay as much rent online, utilities, etc etc. Less expenses since basically you ship it from a warehouse that can be in your basement.
  5. You can usually haggle with them though
  6. You realize the smoke shop has to buy everything right? They don't exactly make a ton a money. They may only make 20-60 bucks on a piece/vape and some out there don't exactly sell 10+ vapes a day. They have to pay for property and taxes and what not you know. At times they will even sell things for what they bought it for. Do you really expect online prices? they'd make no money, I'm happy to pay a nice shop a little extra for the service
  7. Well yeah, everything is cheaper online. Not as much overhead, sometimes no tax.

    But I'd order online regardless. Better selection, that way I can pick the perfect piece for me, instead of settling for something in a head shops small selection.
  8. Can't argue with that as I've bought online myself. But since getting to know the owners of the shop down the street from my place, if they don't have what I want, I just tell em and they'll get it for me and give me a good deal cuz they know if I really wanted to I could go elsewhere or get it online. But I enjoy paying extra for the good service. I don't want the online market taking over! Cuz sooner or later the online world will take over all major businesses and small shops imo.
  9. Yeah, smoke shops are always pretty pricey. I have actually found that there are better prices on that kind of stuff at porno shops. Not sure why. haha
  10. Yeah that's how it is lol our campus head-shop charges some retarded prices but will usually come down depending on the size and original price of the piece. Homie that works there will even let you trade-in clean/nice pieces for store credit towards another piece.
    Online shopping is nice, but there's something about the wonder you feel walking into a well stocked head-shop baked off your ass. (And im not patient enough to wait weeks or even a month before toking on a new piece)
    And if you blades buy water pieces from head-shops, be sure to see if you can add water and see how she rips. A buddy and I went to a shop looking for a nice oil-rig setup. Shop owner puts water in a $185 bong and starts pulling on it so we could see the 3 percs in action... only 1 worked. Safe to say that the owner was blown that he made this discovery infront of customers.
  11. For vapes and stuff? Ya Def.
    My local headshops (well at least two of them I know around me) usually have a pretty good section of local blown glass. I prefer to go with spoons from local growers because usually I can get them for around $15-20 for a nice spoon, and at least it is unique and made  by someone in my own city.
    I can't order pipes online. Maybe a bong or a vape, but something like a pipe I need to personally hold and look at to know it is the right one I want. Plus I am impatient as fuck waiting for shipping.
  12. Yes will always be more in store. But with that you get some perks. Like leaving with it that day, I do most of my shopping online but around tax season i will make a trip to my local shop :)

    I love smoking weed. Full time pot smoker. Tons of experience so hit me up for anything!
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