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  1. Do you feel offended when people call you a stoner or pothead? or do you just brush it off, Do you go all defensive mode?
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    I normally just think that they are ignorant. unless when they say it, they are trying to be personal. I wouldn't appreciate being called a pothead by my family.

    I would be offended because i take it from their standpoint. They would be saying that i am a drug addict.
  3. Well, most people don't know I smoke actually. Mainly my boyfriend and his friends, so I haven't really been called one... hm.
  4. I could give a shit what people call me, but I dont classify myself as being a stoner, Im just someone who loves to smoke the herb, its a shame that people always have to label things/people instead of taking it/them as they are.
  5. I am what I am
  6. It doesn't bother me because they speak the truth lol. I don't do drugs I only smoke pot (and mushrooms xD) and that's one of my favorite qualities of myself. Although I've beat the shit out of kids who have called me a dirtbag, that's a whole different level.
  7. Doesn't bother me at all. People are only offended when they're looking to be offended, if you just let shit roll off you'll have a much easier life. There's much more to worry about than who is calling you a stoner or a pothead.

    That said, I obviously refer to myself as a stoner
  8. No.

    Doesn't bother me.

    I have more important shit to lose sleep over.
  9. pothead? yea because thats suppose to be an insult

    someone calls me a stoner, its whatever. yea i like to get stoned.
  10. every one knows i smoke they call me a pot head, i call myself a stoner i like smoking and i dont think of stoner as a derogatory term just a status

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