Do you feel more stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by Pufnstuf, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. indoors or outdoors or does it make no difference.
    this may be an asinine question but i tend to feel
    higher when i am outdoors smoking. weird.
    anyone else?
  2. i feel higher when i smoke inside at home. but i thing its because inside i use my bong but outside i use a spoon. and a bong get me higher.
  3. I feel like I get higher when I'm toking outdoors too.... I find it very relaxing toking in my own place, but.... almost more adventurous and higher when outdoors... Nice change of scenery :D
  4. i prefer to smoke outdoors and i definitely feel higher when i do so. something about chilling in the woods and being able to connect with nature and delve deep into my mind is unbeatable.:smoking:
  5. Depends, if I'm smoking outside and then come inside I feel like the high hits me harder at first, but then once I get used to being indoors it balances out.
  6. outdoors is nice but i feel more stoned indoors because theres usually music playing
  7. Depends on the time of the day and the weather etc. Morning and outside or in the middle of a state park with noone around = best.
  8. I usually feel higher when I toke outdoors, but that's probably just because I don't do it anywhere near as often as smoking indoors, so I'm not as used to the experience.

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