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Do you feel a "click" from high to sober?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Codre, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Every time I smoke, I always get a short buzz for the first bit of smoking, and then feel an all at once "click" into being full-on high.

    I get the exact opposite when I come down, and sometimes "click" back to reality for a few minutes at a time, and then "click" back to being high again.

    Does this happen to anyone else?
  2. Kind of, like one second youll be buzzed thinking kinda normal, then it hits you like a wave. thats what it does to me!
  3. Only if it's some creeper bud
  4. moments of clarity: when you realize how high you are and can function like you're sober for a short moment lol. i used to get that when i first started smoking. not so much anymore, even with month long breaks.
  5. Yeah. It usually starts around the first or second hit depending on quality. That moment when it's like "hm, things don't feel quite normal now". Lovely feeling
  6. Yep. When i start toking i get a feeling in the back of my head. Same thing every time its a very good feeling.
  7. Bro most of the time I just gradually grow into a high but sometimes if you smoke, like, insanely quick you can get that awesome walk-into-a-brick-wall high hit feeling!
  8. There's nothing like taking a huge rip of great weed and going from sober to high in no time

  9. Yeah man, definitely. My vision starts having two focal points and can never get dead centered.

    Yep, and I definitely have those moments of clarity like someone else said, but from really weird stuff like an open window in a car, sneezing, a loud noise, etc.
  10. No, it's gradual. If I do something like eat a bunch my high will dip down a bit then come back, but other then that, it's a slow fade from being high to buzzed to being sober and feeling good to either sleep or more weed.
  11. Pretty much as soon as i take a hit i feel a little relaxed. When i first relize im high im like "wait a second wtf is that??? Oh wait im just stoned off my ass". When i come down i just start getting bored. Then im sober.
  12. second I'm sober and the next I'm feeling high, but for some reason I can't pinpoint the moment it happens.
  13. Just found this, I thought I'd share...
    Sorry for the huge picture, read the bag though.
  14. I'm experiencing the click right now. ;)
  15. yeah, I know what you mean about the "click".
    One second, I feel sober and then "click" i'm happy again! :smoke:
  16. Not really, my high comes on slowly and steadily. But i do click back and forth coming down.
  17. I dont feel a "click" when smoking. I think its a gradual transition to take off to elevation for me:smoking:
  18. I call it the "sober wall" and it's happened to me once. I was walking along, took one step, and it was like that step slammed me into a wall of sober. Weirrrrd shit
  19. For me I can tell by my train of thoughts. I smoke on the backyard at midnight staring at the sky and I keep smoking til my thoughts are like "Holy shit I can see the earth rotating..." that's when I know I'm high.
    And then my mind goes quiet when I'm sober.
  20. After exhale, I start to feel a nice buzz. Then like 2-4 min later I go into a nice incline of highness. Usually after 10 min I'm at my high peak, followed by an hour and a half of being really high. It usually fades slowly away after that throughout like 4 hours.

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