Do You Ever Run Out Of Lighter Fluid?

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  1. i swear i've been using the same bic for like 3 years..
  2. 8-9 months for me. im a semi frequent smoker too
  3. Do I ever run out of lighter fluid... well, seeing as how I don't have the new Infinite Lighter, yes.
  4. Yep, I go through a 6 pack of Bics every few months. Occasionally they walk off but most of them run out. That's shared with my roommate, though.
  5. Of course..its really annoying.
    I always end up buying atleast two when i buy another(couple) though
    )wish there was such thing as that infinite lighter).
  6. Sometimes, but not to often. I usually buy one when I can tell my current one is running low.

    Its terrible when your lighting a bowl and your lighter runs out.
  7. whats a lighter?

    i use matches

    not really but sometimes i actually do when i smoke from my sherlock holmes pipe. makes me feel classy
  8. All the time I usually get a 5 pack for 2 bucks but I'm thinking of buying a really good refillable one and just a few cans of gas
  9. but i smoke like a chimney so..raging fist pump
  10. How do you not? I want one of these everlasting bics....
  11. I put the 'All the time, I smoke like a chimney' answer.

    From what I've noticed lately, I go through a Bic every week/week & half.
  12. when i was younger i recall losing 8+ lighters a week however now i keep them for maybe 3 weeks or so. never ran out of fluid. mostly use hemp wicks and candles at home
  13. My bics last a few months but my zippo only lasts a few days even if I don't use it
  14. my zippo use to eat up fluid even more than my torch. things are awful
  15. Would you rather have an infinite lighter or a neverbreaking peice? Or a mini pikachu that can light your bowls with its fiery little breath. But little Pika's very unreliable.
  16. My little group of smoking friends has this weird fascination with all the different designs on the bic lighters and every time I see something cool, I have to buy I always have 1000000 lighters laying around and use them equal amounts, so they never run out. I wish one would run'd give me an excuse to buy a cool new one!!!
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    I would rather have the never breaking piece cause I broke like 2 bongs. in like a few days and my pipe and then my bowl. fuck the lighter that never runs out of fluid ill lose it haha. And pikachu will probably kill me.

  18. Is your wick too long on your zippo perhaps? Because I have one and it works well, but when I first got it it would shoot the flame like 6 inches high because the wick was pulled out of the lighter too far. I took it apart and shortened the wick, now it only gives just enough flame. I don't like using Zippo's for smoking though because of the harsh taste the fuel lends to it.

    As for Bic's, when I do use them I generally lose them before I have a chance to run them all the way down.
  19. Before I run out of fluid ill lose my damn lighter.
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    Yeah - there again I smoke 20 a day + a bowl or spliff occaisionally...

    Been using my current lighter for 9 days now - its already nearly half empty! (I like to have the flame on full though...)

    Has anyone else noticed if you refill a lighter the gas only lasts about half as long as when you got it

    EDIT: I know what you mean about Zippo's...they're thirsty bastards - I reckon the petrol evaporates or dries up when your not using it..

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