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do you ever leave your pieces with friends?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lady garbage, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. like at their houses and stuff? I'm not allowed to smoke in my house so I bring my bong to my dealers/friends house whenever I buy weed. whenever I buy it I smoke most/all of it there and get quite high. I don't feel comfortable carrying any sort of illegal items on me when I'm already high, so I leave it there wrapped in the bubble wrap or hidden somewhere:rolleyes:

    do you feel safe leaving a bong/pipe with a friend or your dealer? I feel a little bad, one of them asked me if it was alright if he used it and I said no 'cause I wouldn't be there lol. I just really don't want to have it broken.
  2. Hell no...if someone leaves a nice glass piece or bong at my house, I can't say that my house won't get robbed and the culprits take only the piece(s), and the people responsible are never identified or ever heard of again, that is unless, something else gets left behind at my house
  3. I've never done it, but if it was a good friend I wouldn't worry too much.
  4. I leave pieces at friend's houses all the time, bongs too. If I didn't trust the person I wouldn't leave it with them though. I let people borrow pipes too, but only people who respect them the way I do.
  5. haha yeah there is no way I would let somebody borrow my bong while I wasn't there to make sure nothing happened. my dealer I would, I trust him, but he doesn't live there anymore anyway. a regular glass pipe though I would let them borrow:p
  6. Sure do! I keep a bong at my buddy's house. I go over to smoke like once or twice a week, and they don't have one and I was getting bored of doobies so..yea :)
    Once they buy a piece, which they are plannin on, I'll take mine back home with me.
  7. #7 PrettyLit, Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2010
    Nope!~ can't be too careful with your pieces alot of liars out there.
    might hear some wild story how it got stolen etc.

  8. That sounds awesome. My boyfriend let his friend a good friend he's known for a while borrow his bong and they ended up breaking the original down pipe in it and he had to ghetto-fy it for a while with a down stem too long for the intended piece. Also - when it was returned it was taped on with duct tape - as if he wasn't going to notice :rolleyes: lame. I'd let someone borrow a glass pipe as someone mentioned above - but my precious glass bongs uh no. I even got scared when my dad handled them! Haha.
  9. i have 2 friends total that i trust enough. one has never asked or anything but he has held onto my bowl. the other currently has my 2 foot glass bong and a bowl chillin at his house for what basically will be forever lol.
  10. left a bowl and my bong with my friend while i went back to boston from south florida this summer.

    let my roommate borrow the same pipe since i have another one, still use it a couple times a week.
  11. LOL its rude to tell them not to use it, if theyre letting you store it there. personaly id keep it hidden. but dont be so overprotective. i mean i know its YOUR pipe and all, but you shouldnt leave it with someone who you'd think would steal it or tell someone to NOT use it just because your afraid theyll break it.

  12. ^This says it all
  13. ive done it but sadly thats how one of my bubblers broke, one of my pipes went missing but was found and then soon after broke by that person, and how my bongs stem is broken, so i dont think im gonna continue to let my friends use them
  14. No.

    I left a pack of ciggaretes at a friends house and he gave them to someone else.

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