Do you ever get jealous of people who made it

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  1. I just looked up this kid joey badass (rapper) kinda jelly. He seems decent. I only heard one song. But i always start hating when i see that kids my age blew up. I dont even rap. I hustle. I mean i like to rap but its not my focus. And if my friends saw me rapping they would call me a fruit pop.

    Im hoping to put out a mixtape in like 3 years lol. I wanna get comfortable financially then rap for fun.

    But do you ever get jelly? Dont lie. I know i sound like a hater. But i support any rapper i think is good. Ill probably buy joeys album. Just cant believe another kid blew up before me.
  2. Some of my old friends who started playing guitar years ago in their late teens and they got into it, some are even making bank in shows for high-class clubs and pubs...  but I picked up the guitar a year and a half ago and I'm learning to sing and play and hold notes, writing my own music, I don't plan on banking from it but the jealousy of my friends caused me to try to learn. Hey mabey I'll make it big some day haha
  3. I get jealous when I see people my own age who went to a 4 year right out of high school and they are all graduating by now..
    I don't like jealousy it's the worst human emotion. Period.
    I don't dwell on it or anything you just have to make your own way dude.
  4. pretty much jealous of any muscian who rose to fame very has taken me many months just to get 100 something followers on soundcloud.
    anybody that drives a nice car, and has a good paying job.
  5. I don't envy people in general, external outsiders don't influence me much. 
  6. im jelly. How did you come to give 0 fucks?
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    don't get jealous man. use it for inspiration.
    i want to be a stand up comedian, but im in no rush. some comics start in their teens, some in their 20's, hell, some even in their 30's.
    it's all about working on your craft. if you're in something for the money, you;re not following your heart. you gotta do what you feel is right even if it takes years.
    don't do it for the women either. do it cuz you love it. once the women see you love it, they will come flocking because they love a guy that stands up for his beliefs.
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    Because my happiness is derived from my internal state, I explore my mind. My brother tries to make me jealous but I don't give in towards it, I'm I'm very nihilistic towards social standards.  
    A person gives a fuck towards what he perceives as valuable and worthy towards him. 
  9. Can't be jealous right now as I'm only 20 and still have lots of opportunity left.
  10. blew up before you? did you think you were going to be next?
  11. I sure did.
  12. Nah- its just drives me to work harder. I dont look at people that have made it (in any discipline) and get jealous. Instead I try to emulate their success and even go further. People always put limits on whats possible but that just holds you back!
  13. do you have a single record recorded?
  14. That would certainly be a waste of my time, worrying about others, jealousy is an ugly emotion. 
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    No I am not jealous of those made it. If anything I support and encourage their grind.
  16. made it? what do you define as making it? I consider myself in a situation where I have relatively made it but I know I can never stop improving. 
  17. Nope. Not even a word written down. Whats your point? I shoulda blown first.
  18. I'm not jealous at all of anyone who makes it because I know I'll be making it soon.
  19. I work around a lake surrounded by millionaires. So often I'm inside servicing their plumbing. But usually the husbands are away on business leaving their hot trophy wifes home alone with me. :ey:  
  20. Lmao.

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