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Do you ever forget that burning is a crime?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Vicious, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Except for those in fortunate states. Sometimes my buddies and I will joke around by saying "It's not a crime" and be somewhat serious. I think of it in away of salutary neglect, smoking has become the norm for almost all age that when we buy it we rarely think of the repercussion. I can't tell you how many people I know spook about smoking in public, etc. Though I believe and smart and responsible toker can smoke almost anywhere discreetly.
  2. yeah but we don't want to be discrete, going to crack spots every hour to smoke a bowl sucks, and driving and blazing although fun is somewhat irresponsible. I'd just rather blaze a fatty blunt downtown.... hehe already did too :)
  3. Yeah, I mean not many cops if any, would be in the mood to write up a report about a pot smoker. But then again there are those who are greedy. Who knows in this economy right now, no one really..

    Just be safe
  4. A few weeks ago, I was smoking a bowl on the way home and as I was about to turn, a cop slowed down to let me turn, instead of missing the light and having to wait through the light, plus the other lights. Without even thinking, I raised my hand with my bowl in it, to wave 'thanks' and at the last second, I realized what I was doing and shot my hand down real quick.
    I've been smoking everyday or every other day for almost four years.
    It's so common now that I hardly even think about smell, the police, etc.
  5. Yeah, I often do too. It's usually like that until you get caught, which is probably why I forget.

    *Knocks on wood*
  6. I never really think about it it. I Kind of just smoke it. Ya know ?
  7. I smoked for 7years and had some close calls with the cops it wasnt till this year that i got busted for having a qtr oz in my pocket that i really realized. You go so long with no problems that you almost forget! Not anymore though now i try and take EVERY step to not get caught!
  8. Subconsciously I don't, hiding weed and everything that can be associated with weed/weed smokers is pretty natural to me nowadays, kinda a self-preservation thing. But there are those days I forget the facts because I just don't wanna give a fuck :p
  9. its become so normal that i too forget that its a crime, but when its in my possession im very aware of it, mainly because if i get caught with bud, my student loans get dropped. shitty
  10. dude chances are the kids you hang with that are spooked, have probably recently been caught up and put in something horrible like rehab or probation.dude just remember ,anybody could just feel like being a dick head and be a dick to u.but if it a blunt or a joint i usually smoke it anywhere as long im not blowin it right next to someone.i had a homie who smoked like u n just blazed everywhere and he lit one up in front of a pool hall and the lady called the fukin police and my homie got cuffed up.just keep it in mind man there is very mean people lol

  11. lol the smart and responsible smoker keeps it at home. :hello:
  12. 80% of the time I smoke at home but everyone like smoking on the run. You can do anything and not be a dumbass about it. If you're going to drive somewhere and smoke, only bring as much as you're going to smoke and roll it up. Even if you get pulled smelling like weed isn't illegal. Even though you say that I wouldn't believe that you have never smoked outside of home. Weed isn't the problem, it's how much you carry or the paraphernalia you have with you.

    As for being high in public it depends on how seasoned of a smoker you are. I've had my close encounters and learned from them, but that won't stop me from bringing a nug to my buddies house down the street to match up.

  13. Yeah,just bring enough to eat. Disperse,eat if it comes down to it.

    But like a quarter is a little too much. Sounds like you're hanging out with some bitch ass dudes.. I'll tell ya this,last june I got a possession charge for riding around with some guys who I thought were my friends(rats). People are just out for themselves,seriously.. You cannot be hanging out with those guys,a charge will come.. you just don't know how long till.
  14. i do, till i get paranoid and im like oh shit!
  15. Where did you get something about my friends? I didn't mention anything about them in that post, only that we'll match up bong hits or throw down on a blunt. I chill with seasoned smokers and growers, we share because we always know we'll help eachother out if theres a time when we are dry. Unless it's like it's more like we smoke next to each other, i smoke my bud, they smoke their bud, then well give each other samples to whoever is smoking on something else. My friend's are very chill and fair but we're big boys and do things on our own.
  16. When hanging around a group of friends that all smoke the atmosphere of day to day can become extremely relaxed. This summer was joking called the summer of Communism and Milkshakes by my friends and I. Milkshakes is just a reference to blazing because one night early on we realized how amazing Wendy's milk shakes were and got them at least once a week after. But the Communism thing was serious. None of us had a lot of money, but we always had enough weed for everyone with no one feeling ripped off or mooched on, we spent all our time at either my house or my friend's smoking in the open in backyards and around fires.
    When good friends and pot come together you get such a carefree attitude you sometimes have to ground yourself and realize that most of the people around you in your workday and whatnot think you are some crazed druggie from Reefer Madness or the like. No matter how relaxed I get I never let myself become lax in my preperation and stashing methods before traveling or buying.
  17. Well, just before i blaze i tend to remember that it is indeed a crime, but than i am all like :bongin: and :cool: i don't care cause i'm high as a kiteeee :hello:
  18. the other day i was in the hood giving my friend a ride to re up. and were about to pull into his driveway when out of nowhere a cop comes rolling up on us. we pull into his driveway and hes like in the street looking at us, and we're all looking back at him like "wtf is the deal?" there was like 4 of us and everyone had something on them. the cop drives off real slow. one of my friends dips cause hes paranoid. so the rest of us are on this tiny ass 4ft by 8ft porch taking up the whole porch with 3 chairs. one of us is rolling a blunt and the porch light is on. like 3 police cars come by like once every 5 minutes.

    i didnt want to smoke right then but they all lit up so i said fuck it. one of the cops rode by and looked at us, so when he drove off again my friend cut the porch light. then he rolled back around and hit us with the spotlight and asked what we were doing. and we tell him we're just hanging out after work, and hes like ok and drives down the street and parks.

    during that time we smoked like 5 blunts. cops passing left and right, we thought we were tripping because 9 out of every 10 cars that drive by are a police car. so some random lady walks up to us and is like can i talk to you. and my friends like "hold on dont come over here, are you police?" and shes like "no, the police are looking for my daughter, she ran away earlier and i called the police, theyre looking fo her. if you find her, drag her back. ill pay you." and my friends like "ill DEFINITELY call you if i see anything. how much are you paying?" hahaha. long story short, her daughter came back, but fucked my whole night up watching the cops riding by like 30 feet from me.

    if the cops arent dicks and have their priorities straight, they will not bother you for something minor youre doing on your home property.

  19. What are you talking about? People are arrested for minuscule amounts of cannabis all the time.
  20. #20 Saul Tigh, Sep 12, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 12, 2009
    Oh man, that would suck. I totally couldn't have blazed under those conditions. I would have been paranoid as fuck.
    I had a similar instance where I was smoking in my back driveway and a cop is creeping down an alley all of a sudden and saw me in his searchlight. I was holding my sherlock (Rod Sterling) and I'm like "I'm fucked. No way he thinks I'm smoking tobacco out of this" so I step to the side and toss my pipe over a fence. Wrong thing to do I know, but I panicked and fucked up. He comes tearing into my driveway almost hitting my car, then pops out, pulls him gun on me and shouts "WHY DID YOU BOLT?". I spent about 4 minutes trying to act cool thinking he was just a giant douche before he explains there is a dude on the run last seen in my neighborhood and there is a big manhunt on.
    Guess that's what I get for being a book reading hippy pot smoker who never turns on a tv. ^_^;

    It does depend on where you live. Sometimes even what county. Here in Ohio there are some counties where pot will land you serving a couple days and huge fines. Others like in the middle of Columbus the most you'll get is your sac taken and a hundred dollar civil citation or something. Once a cop in a cool area even outright said to me while questioning me about something I saw "Don't worry if you have pot on you, I really don't have time or care. Wish they'd just legalize the stuff".

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