do you dreams literally exhust you?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. I was wondering if it happens to anyone else, or maybe its just a coincidence. I really think that they can in some way, cause it happens to me a lot. Whenever I have a dream where I am physically using my body in a way that would make you feel tired or worn if you were actually doing it, I wake up feeling exhusted. my body literally feels worn out from whatever I was doing in the dream as if it happned.. Its like when you wake up from a dream that is stressful, you wake up felling, stressed out. after last night, I woke up feeling like a dumptruck ran my ass over and im surprised all my hair isnt ripped out. lol
  2. yea i knwo what u mean, like sometimes if i'm havin a nightmare when i'm running away from sumthin i wake up breathing really hard and my hearts beating real fast.
  3. i dont dream if i go to bed baked or have smoked in close proximity....... Though if i stop smoking for a day or two i get crazy vivid dreams... its
  4. the human brain uses up aprx 30%ish of all energy we use.

    i suppose i do get that to some extent... but more so this one time i'll tell u about.............

    Ever heard of the 39 steps?
    probably. but probably not the one i'm talking about.
    i'm talking about the 39 steps hypnosis game. you get sent down 39 steps and led into a street of 39 houses by whomever it is that has "control" over you.

    the idea is that in each house you confront a fear. did i mention you are given a gun? and u can be given whatever equipment needed whilst in there. so... u confront your fears by basically shooting them.
    in my experience i was on about house 6 when all manner of shit kicked off.... so the guy who was controlling me gave me "speed shoes" so i could run faster. he forgot i was running until much later i mumbled "i'm tired" so rather than get me to stop running (which would have meant that which i was running from would have caught up) he decided to give me the ability to never tire and have infinate stamina. anyways... to cut a long story short...
    when i came out of the hypnosis my legs felt like they were on fire. and all the people present said my legs were twitching super rapid throughout.

    the human mind is a powerfull thing.


    even when you're asleep.
  5. digit that is extremely interesting. Ive never believe personally in the power of hypnosis, then again Ive never been there to really judge it. My mom, though is going to be intrigues by this..Id like to know more about it Ive never heard of the 39 step thing. my mom has these horrible dreams about houses all the time. she faces her fears in these dreams, but freezes when she is inside the house. she wakes up stressed out, scared and still feeling the fear until she comes around to realize it was a dream. then she ends up thinking about the dream all day..I wonder if there can be any correlation there.
  6. if u want i could post the whole story....

    just say the word....
  7. I very rarely remember a dream and they rarely exhaust me, but this one time was a doozy. (yes I just said doozy) It was during exams. I was desperately trying to get at least 6 hours of sleep so I could function during my early morning exam. I dreamt that I was running around campus because I had to do something. I didn't want to do it, but as soon as I finished I could go to sleep. All I wanted to do was be able to go to sleep so I could be rested for my early morning exam. So my alarm goes off and I awake from the dream still dead tired. I think I did fairly well on the exam, but it was just Computer Science. A class very important to my major, but not that hard to figure things out for on the exam.
  8. ohhhh yes I have felt that many times.

    it's most of the time some "exercise pain" that i feel in the arms/shoulders.

    like I spent the night pumping iron..

    And, if i may say so, I have felt sexualy tired some mornings, only 2 find out I actually had an orgasm during the night/dream.
    messy, but nice. ^__^
  9. I get bad anxiety and depression dreams I hate them because they fuck with me for sometimes a month. But in my nightmares its more of like falling down then waking those..Whats weird about me is I have REM(rapid eye movement).....So whenever I sleep out or something people will sometimes like hear me talk in my sleep, they wake up and turn on the lights and see my eyelids moving lol, I think its cool. Its supposed to be "The first stage of deep sleep" lol.Your brain has ATLEAST 5 dreams a night but only 1 you can usually remember.
  10. Woody very interesting...I have the same types of dreams as you, I hate it because your mind just fucks you over soo much...Since we both have the same disorder(if you wanna call that) do you ever have like the panic attacks when you wake up with the choking?I do, its usually like 10minutes before it stops.

  11. i think you have already. i think i remember something along those lines 'bout a year ago... then you had this thing that you didn't want any weapons going in facing your fears, seeing as you're a pacifist and all. quite amusing little anekdote (sp?) i recall.

    yay, my memory seems to work. that can't be! gotta toke up to celebrate :)
  12. last night i had a dream, no, NIGHTMARE, that i was having sex with a really fat chick....

    ugh. it was terrible. but nice at the time... hahahhaha.

    wonder what it means?? she looked oddly familiar to my girlfriends ugly fat cousin.... hmmm...?
  13. I've been having a real fucked up dream where my moms boyfriend and a bunch of his mob friends (yes he has mob friends) are chasing me throughout a big city with guns and knifes and I can't seem to lose them. I'm jumping from building to building, climbing through windows, doing flips into swimming pools, and lots and lots of running. No matter how far I go or how hard I try they wont stop chasing me. It turns into the point where there's helicopters and guys in cars chasing me, Its fuckin scary. When I wake up I do feel very exhausted, but very fuckin relieved.
  14. wouhah last time a friend told me that (quite similar) dream, it turned out she was PREGNANT ...
  15. Well i really havent been tired before but i have woken up wiht swet or have been breathing very hard
    i can remember one time i had a dream where i was in my room and some thing with red eyes was in the dark so i jumped up ran out and tried to shut the door but it grabed it then slung it open but i hadent seen it i then fell asleep on the couch the same exact thing happend 2-4 times i woke up in my room and ran out with it holding the door then i actually woke up...In my room so yea i freaked out and was coverd in swet.

  16. :O

    well we're both virgins still... so im hoping we get a nice little Jesus :D

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