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Do you consider yourself to be of Sage-like qualitys?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tr3-0, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. :bongin:Well, when it comes to herb at least. In other words exactly (to be used loosly) how long have you been smokeing? Leave behind you yr. count and some Sage-like wizdom.
    Depending on who posts i think this thread has serious potential.
    Im gonna wait for the wizdom to flow (get high) before i write it down. But i have been smokeing for 5yrs now=)

    Honestly and Truthfully

  2. I'm on my 8th month of smoking, but I'm a fast learner and an avid marijuana fan
  3. since high school.. im in college now so... id say its been around 5 years also. blunts<3
  4. smoking for 3 years
    sage wisdom #1: grow your own, it will save you a MINIMUM of 2 oz on bud (thats only for 1 female!) and its fairly easy if you read up on the internet.
    sage wisdom #2: dont fiend for bud, it just makes stoners look bad
  5. 6 years now, remember to do what you love, and smoke. weed is fun but you have the whole world to see and explore :D
  6. Been smoking for a year now, and I second XxnickpwnsxX entirely... Marijuana is the shit, but it has got to come second to real life.
  7. "Weed can set a man ztraight or it can absorb his life, will power is an unreachable must."
    Honestly and Truthfully
  8. I wouldn't say i'm a sage, but compared to my friends i might be a god lol. but seriously these kids need help and only half of them truly listen to me when i try to explain things. Like the other day one of my younger brothers dumb friends kept touting how he was getting ready to pick up purple haze, and i told him that its a clone only strain and chances are around here the bud won't even be purp. He comes back and its not purple and he paid 25$ a gram. I laughed so hard and was like dude you can say no cmon thats not even better than what i grow what are you thinking.
  9. - a sad but funny day in Smoker's History
    Honestly and Truthfully
  10. Expecting life to treat you well because you are a good person is like expecting an angry bull not to charge because you are a vegetarian

  11. Awesome quote.

    Been smoking for... going on 8 years.

    You gotta learn something everytime you smoke. Educate yourself on laws, and educate others on how to help change them.

    We're all waiting for the miraculous super weed god to come save the day, and change the laws. What many are not realizing is that in fact, WE are the weed gods. Legalization and change are the will we have. Actions speak louder than words.

    With the way things are going now, we may need to re-do the '60s, and do it the same way.

    As for actual usage?

    Know what to look for when you're searching for quality.
    Be smart! You can save yourself so much trouble, and a trip in the backseat if you just stay smart. Keep mobile. Leave a few escape roots.

    Remember, even though WE disagree with the illegal status of Marijuana, it's still illegal. WE'RE the ones who must adapt and survive and ensure the survival of our species until the tides change.
  12. actually got some sage right now, lol
  13. Thats a good one right there, and I am a vegetarian lol. Im too much of a nice guy and get taken advantage because of it time and time again.

    Been smoking for 2 years. Went from being TOTALLY against it, to pretty much a Mark Emery within weeks. Havent stopped smoking since, and dont plan on it. I know more about the legalities, history, strains, highs, genetics and random wacky weed info than ANYBODY I know (thanks greatly in part to GC).

    My words of wisdom summed up would be this- "The Ganja will open up your mind to unprecedented worlds and give you the ability to think in a spiritual introspective way but only for those wise enough to listen and willing enough to comprehend."

    Pretty much you have 2 types of smokers- you either smoke for all the right, or all the wrong reasons.
  14. 10 years here. Still love it. Got a great job and own my own house. Have 2 degrees. Pot helped me through all of it.
  15. 5 years and still goin strong
  16. Precisely*
  17. u bump ur threads too much
  18. 7.5 years

    Sage Wisdom: Its only pot don't freak out, stay calm and stay blazed
  19. 6 years of potitude

    Sage-like Wisdom:

    Marijuana doesn't change you, it reveals you.

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