Do you clean your new peice?

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  1. So today i just bought a new peice...and not sure what to do before i smoke out of it for the first time, its a nice little bubbler ill put a pic up in a bit when i have my session haha but what do you do when you buy a new peice? do you boil it? just run it under hot water?
  2. ?? I smoke out of my piece when I first buy it. idk about you?:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  3. Yeah what are u talkin about man? when i buy a piece i load it up with my juiciest nug and let it rip. After that i was it it out with an old toothbrush, water, and a rag
  4. If you are really that worried just rinse it out with some isopropyl alcohol. That should clean/disenfect anything, probably not neceessary though.
  5. haha im just wondering if its clean like i dont no where its been up till now so i dunno i just thought i should clean it before lighting it up
  6. I rinse out and change the water in my bongs daily and wash them with iso/salt every 2-3 days.
  7. Well if ur worried about who had their mouth on the mouth piece. Then just get some soap and water, and maybe a rag/papertowel get it damp and just clean it. Make sure u rinse all the soap and water out, and make sure the piece is 100% dry before you smoke outta it. :)
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    you would if it was dirty

  9. yeah i rinse it all of with warm water, then cold water, then filler up, and rip.

    i dont like dust and crap in my bongs,pipes,bubs

  10. i sugest cleaning it... ive bought some pieces that were grody as fuck bro
  11. Yeah, I do a quick rinse with water. Glass collects dust pretty easily, especially sitting on the shelves and in displays at the stores.

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