do you brush your teeth before or after your goodnight bowl?

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  1. i was just thinking about that i usually brush my teeth right before bed but i alaways have the delimea is that bad for my teeth lol.

    so before or after
  2. idk i try to brush my teeth right before i crash out so i can smoke and drink a little
  3. I honestly only brush my teeth in the morning. gross or not whatever fuck you guys. : )

    but if i had to, before. seems like it sobers me up a bit.
  4. Why before? You know smoking particles leave stains on your teeth, and cotton mouth is just disgusting. After I smoke; it's a must.
  5. Depending on how fat my goodnight bowl is I usually forget about brushing my teeth and just pass out.
  6. Who says I have a goodnight bowl ;)

    Brush my teeth as the last thing I do before I sleep though, just makes sense to me

  7. Same here. I only brush in the morning. I don't like the taste of toothpaste when i'm trying to sleep. I have a hard enough time falling asleep as it is. I never have cavities so I guess i'm doing something right ;)
  8. yah this is probably gonna sound gross but i usually have a bowl of cereal before bed and i enjoy the after taste so i dont usually brush my teeth before falling asleep. I get them every morning though! Sometimes my teeth start to get kind of gross and i will force my self to brush before sleep.
  9. Lol. That was theeeeee cutest comment ever. :eek: +rep
  10. Any tips on how to get my dull/sandish color teeth white again? There not stained yellow or anything but there deff not white.
  11. Brushing teeth? :confused:
  12. Try the crest whitening strips. (I hope this doesn't count as advertising)

    Yellow teeth are no bueno ..yuk (not that you have it ;))
  13. how about brushing after you eat and before you go to bed. seriously. brush your teeth after every meal for 2 months and tell me you don't notice a difference.
  14. I brush my teeth a few times a day. Right out of bed to the toothbrush, and right from the toothbrush to bed, can't deal any other way!!!
  15. Before so I have a nice minty aftertaste.
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    Seems like leaving tar to condense on the fronts of your teeth at night would stain them. I have braces and just started smoking again. I have the clear kind with white ties, so those stain a little, but its nothing noticeable. I usually brush after smoking before I go to bed.

    For those looking to whiten their teeth:

    I suggest mixing some Baking Soda and water into a thick paste and brushing your teeth with it. Be careful not to get the paste on your gums, as it will irreversibely bleach them. Do this 2-4 times a week and you should see results in no time. Also make sure to rinse you mouth out with cold water really well. Hope this helps :wave:


    To chose complaining or enjoying the taste of toothpaste after brushing, all you have to do is scrub your tongue better. That 'taste' is the white residue left on your tongue from the toothpaste.

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