Do you belive osama is dead?

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  1. As much as I want to beleive it, i dont believe osama bin laden is dead. This is my opinion. im willing to hear other so dont flame. Anyway, if you look at the details, why were there only 5 people in this mansion he was using to hide himself? Why wasn't anyone protecting him? Its understandable that if there were too many people in this mansion that they would have been easy to spot but, why not have 4-5 guards? Also, why was he burried so fast? I understand it is part of muslim tradition to bury him within 24 hours but, why was it done so fast, couldnt they have taken a picture? And the main thing, why are there no pictures of his body? I just think its a conspiracy by the government. Just my thoughts. Share yours! happy toking:smoke:
  2. Hard telling. We've killed him what..... 3 times now is it?
  3. Oh come on - you KNOW there's a politics forum here right? You know there's already a thread in there on how it's a hoax right?

    Is this thread necessary?
  4. i wont believe it until the pics come out and by the way there are some but they say there to grusome to release but theyre thinking about it.
  5. yes it is
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    There's one really low quality pic but i can't tell if it's real or not. I don't think he's dead
  7. Only way to find out is by diving to the bottom of the ocean.
  8. He's dead, if he was still alive he would have spoken up by now to make Obama look like a d-bag. Also they are debating in senate to release the pictures of him shot in the head to the general public to prove idiots like you wrong.
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    Ever think that Osama and US could be working together?
  10. There weren't only 5 people in the compound. Obviously, early reports like we're getting now are going to be vague and will probably change a little, but they said there were 5 just that we killed, a couple of women were injured, and others (number of which was not made clear) were turned over to Pakistani authorities. I mean, you can't use details we're given as evidence of a cover-up. Why would they tell us things that sound suspicious when they could just as easily say "We killed 21 people and arrested another 14"? That's not even taking into account that no source said there were only 5 people in the building.

    Also, nobody said that no pictures of the body exist. In fact, the US government is still, according to AP, weighing the benefits and risks (mainly to troops in the middle east) of releasing them.

    I'm not claiming to know for sure whether he's dead or not, but at least come up with some reasons that aren't easily disproved by looking at yahoo news for 5 seconds. You don't even have to read any stories to learn everything I just said, it's all in headlines.
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    Ever think that you are an idiot?

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  12. There is no proof so no.
  13. I dont appreciate you calling me an idiot. I was voicing my opinion. an opinion cant be wrong. Your the idiot. I will be willing to admit im wrong if i see sufficeint evidence. Like a picture.
  14. It wasn't an opinion. An opinion is something that can't be proven one way or the other. You stated a fact, or more specifically, a belief.
  15. An opinion is an interpertaitnion of a series of facts. I was given the facts and now i made the interpertation that there is insufficient evidence to me that he is dead.
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    a person that believes anything they are told with no evidence of what they have been told is true is the idiot. i dont think asking for a picture for closure that the biggest dbag known to man is dead is to much to ask for. all people wwant is closure to know for sure hes dead, a pictue will do that just fine
  17. He is either dead or he isn't. You can't have an opinion about that. You can have a belief about whether or not it's true, but that means that you could be wrong, whereas if it were an opinion, you couldn't be wrong. Not knowing for sure isn't an excuse to be wrong about it. Not an opinion.
  18. if you guys dont believe it , i was just watching the news and they said they will be releasing a video of his dead body at a later time .
  19. i find it hard to believe that its just all of a sudden they get him. there was nothing in the news about them knowing where he was.

    Also it seems suspicious to me that when Obamas ratings begin to fall and people dislike him he Catches the big bad terrorist!
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    god you're a moron.

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