Do you believe suicide is selfish and cowardly?

Discussion in 'General' started by ShaniaKLz, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. What's your take on it?
  2. Very much so. Selfish in a way that they're hurting everyone that's ever cared for them. Family, friends, etc. Cowardly in a sense that they aren't willing to try and solve their problems. They'd rather kill themselves, which is stupid imo
  3. if you commit suicide i have no sympathy toward you, just your friends and family and everyone you hurt.

    so glad i didn't do that and got my head together. i as such a douchebag... almost
  4. suicide < kamikazee .... im just saying at least die for a purpose or for something that has great meaning behind it.
  5. I think its totally chill, if someone wants to die that is their choice.
  6. "Permanent solution to a temporary problem"?
  7. Sucide, yes...

    Euthanasia, no. Why can we put our animals down, and not ourselves when in a similar position?
  8. I think suicide is something that obviously hurts people
    but its kind of an ancient thing, and its not like, in my mind, it changes the afterlife :smoke:
  9. very selfish, if your going to commit suicide atleast put on a show. quadruple backflip dive off the eiffle tower for example
  10. it depends on the situation. If its a euthenasia type thing I dont really see anything wrong with it. When I person is slowly dying, or greatly injured, or has suffered some other huge trauma, I say at least let them retain what bit of dignity they have left and go out on their own terms. Now if its over something stupid, it makes no sence at all.
  11. I don't think it's selfish, I believe a person should live for theirself. I don't believe in an afterlife, so I think it's very stupid to go down that route. You were lucky enough to have a life, which if you're in a 1st world country probably isn't that bad, then it's just stupid to cut it short. The future is unpredictable. Do I think it's cowardly? Yes.
  12. Yes I think it's selfish and cowardly, but it's someone's own choice.
  13. Who cares if its selfish? And it is cowardly in perspective to others left behind.
  14. It is a double standard, It is selfish to kill yourself because people want you to live, what about if you don't want to live?
  15. you know its actually being pushed out into the airwaves by doctors such as doctor oz.. telling people that its a good idea to end your own life if needed.. smdh if you aint making no money or your sick and waiting to be taken cared of basically you can kill yourselve..
  16. I think it's selfish to say it's selfish. A most honorable death
  17. thats one of the most intelligent arguments iv ever heard. How do we place the value on other peoples happiness over our own?
  18. I think it's a terrible state of mind for some people. I'm not sure I can call it selfish and cowardly, considering I've never been that far into depression.
  19. [quote name='"greenbrad420"']I think it's selfish to say it's selfish. A most honorable death[/quote]

    Lol @ suicide being honorable. There's no honor in just giving up.
  20. If you have someone you care about in your life it is very selfish. Otherwise no its your life.

    But what if you do not like or care about anyone and just could not be fucked working 9-5 and does not want to wait 50+ years for the answers to life questions?

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