do you believe in psychic phenomena?

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    ... i know it's hard with all the charlatans and fakes out there claiming that there are angels everywhere or that their dog is telepathically telling them they want a dog-buscuit but if you take away all the hollywood fakery, the bullshit ego-ists striving for your money and all the quacks, do you believe that some (i repeat SOME) psychic phenomena exist?

    i do. but i'd like to hear your thoughts and why you believe what you do. i will not judge your opinions so long as you afford me the same courtesy.

    and for my reasons why i believe some exist? well, i've had gut feelings that came true, i've had moments where i've just "known" that close friends were in emotional distress and i did confirm it and said friends weren't mopey-dopey emo types... think upbeat, positive types (i don't really like hanging out with those mopey types, they're just a major buzzkill most times.) as well as one time that scared the shit out of me when i saw an image of a friend's father dying (which came true almost one year later to the day) with specific details that were later confirmed.

    those reasons convinced me that some psychic phenomena DO actually exist but i would like to read your thoughts on the matter.
  2. Indeed I do. There are out of body experience reports of people in hospital beds describing conversations or seeing things in different rooms of the hospital.

    Things like remote viewing (being able to see anything anywhere just using your mind) are well documented as well. Remote viewing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    On the radio station I listen to people call in all the time relating a time they experienced precognition. For example, somebody is driving down a road and they are about to go through a green like when something tells them to STOP, so they stop and then somebody who would have t-boned them goes speeding through.
  3. i'm sort of starting to believe in some psychic phenomena.
    TOO often do i randomly reach for my phone, only to have it receiving a text or a call the second i touch it.
    and way too often does a thought pop into my head, only to have a friend close by say the exact thought that entered my mind, or vice versa. happens more frequently on psycadelics, even ones as minor as weed
  4. i also beleive in some psychic phenomena. I find weird patterns and have deja vu every now and again. One time i had taken 3 hits of some nice amber honey comb gel tabs and this girl was laying in my sleeping with me and it was like we were inside eachothers heads. very erotic scenes began to play with her and I nothing was said between us but we were both respnding very postively she then stood right up and said lets go to the tent wher we went and fooled around a little but i was too weirded out by all of it and didnt go through with very much i should have though it was still very strange. I would like to beleive there is still much to learn about the human brain.
  5. Synchronicity, man. I used to get those all the time. I would be thinking something that I have never thought about before and then encounter it like two more times the same day... and that would happen a lot. Or what about numbers? How do you explain seeing 11:11 every time you look at the clock? One time I saw 666 3 times in one day... I know the science-only types will call confirmation bias on this one but that's really not it. It goes way beyond probability and happens daily.
  6. Happens to me ALL THE TIME. :) Totally agree 100%.

    Psychic communication = intense INTUITION
  7. I don't believe our counciousness can be made from electrical signals between brain cells, it has to be some kind of control perhaps from another dimension or another reality. I think it's selfish to assume that everything our physical laws and stuff makes possible to exist is everything that exists. Even scientists forget that the universe doesn't evolve around humans, we're merely a bi-product.

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