Do you believe in Karma

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  1. Do you believe in this power?
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    To simply say "yes" or "no" I would have to know how you define karma.
    I do not believe in sin/debt that must be repayed by retribution. I do believe in error that can be corrected without condemnation. I do believe that external life is an reflection of your inner life and that all is connected. Meaning that when you love others you give love to yourself, when you attack others you give attack to yourself. Believing in the illusion of attack you have given it permission to be used on yourself, until you decide that it is useless and return to giving and receiving love.

    Essentially: your freedom from suffering is your own choice and all pain is self-inflicted.
    (Concepts gained from the book: A Course in MIracles)
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  3. only if you enforce it
  4. "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."
    -Newton's Third Law

    I like to say, "What goes around comes around," which is an addendum to the Law of Attraction. Physics may describe it as gravitational push/pull forces. Human Evolutionary Psychology calls it, "just my luck/bad luck."

    I tend to agree with Newton, though not on an interpersonal level; just a subparticle one.

    Human behavior is all hogwash anyhow as nobody can explain everything that applies to everyone the same. This uniqueness gives the quality of individuality a distinct human overtone.

    tl;dr Yes, karma is real.
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  5. I don't believe in karma.
    Neither as a supernatural force nor as some phenomenon that we gave a label to.

    5 year old cancer and leukemia patients must have really done some wrong in their lives to deserve it.
    The pain of sex slaves is definitely self inflicted.
    See what i mean..

    I won't waste my time on it.
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  6. Nope, shit happens or it doesn't.
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  7. The universe works in mysterious ways...sometimes i believe in karma sometimes i just think "shit happens". Sometimes things happen that you don't "deserve" and in that case what would karma be?
  8. If u find a wallet and return it is it good karma so ur supposed to keep the wallet? If u return it is good karma for the other person? Or was that supposed to be bad karma for them to lose it in the first place

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  9. i feel you

  10. Nope, i believe in cause and effect. Just because you get a positive or negative outcome from a situation doesn't mean it's "karma". Sometimes bad things happen to good people and vice versa, that's the world we live in.
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  11. There has to be a force who do I follow?

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
  12. If it does I fucked something up terribly in my previous existence.:coolalt:
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  13. IMG_4137.PNG

    Definition number one. Karma can visit payment for misdeeds that I committed in a past life.

    Like a missile that can hit you from over the horizon. :GettingStoned: Where the hell did that come from...?!?

    North Korea? Doesn't matter what you did this time. Just deal with it.
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  14. I believe in karma as a reaction of others on our behaviour. If you're an asshole people are assholes. If you're good well people might still be assholes.
    Well punished for the bad things we do that's for certain . the reward for the good deeds is just coincidence and others misfortune. Like when I found ten bucks
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  15. With differential calculus I can explain this Karma effect in the eyes of people:
    Every step in between has a change in effect from the previous position on the cause before it's successive effect.

    Looking --> sight
    Knowing --> awareness of sight
    Interest --> focused sight
    Impulse --> sight provoked thought
    Jerk --> thought given action
    Acceleration --> falling action (gravity)
    Velocity --> increasing or decreasing action
    Speed --> pace of action
    Angle/Direction --> place of action
    The point --> reaction

    The breakdown of, "Why did this happen to me?" Or giving explanations to inexplicable events in human life.
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