Do you believe in God/Jesus/Bible?

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  1. idk i believe there is some sort of higher power out there that is in control of everything but is that god or jesus??? idk i consider my self agnostic but dad christian and my mom is episcapalion
  2. i believe in the wondrous miraculous power of people to achieve great things through a harmonious connection of humanity's spirit.

    i also believe that these rolls i bought are of great quality.
  3. I dont believe, But i also dont disbelieve. I really have no stance because i dont know enough about it to make a firm opinion. But i believe in evolution more then anything.

  4. yeah, word.
  5. i belive just because me and my parents used to be skeptical

    and ther are still some shady spots in shit that i believe

    but every religion requires a leap of faith of some sort, so ya i guesss its safe to say i believe
  6. i believe there is a "god" but not the way christians portray him, i dont think theres some magical place in the clouds that you go to be being a good little boy or girl, i think that because it is impossible to imagine not existing that people had to think there is something more than life

    also, that higher power that most refer to as god, hates me, and i hope that there is a heaven, so that on judgement day i can shit on the pearly gates and tell god that he can go fuck himself because he did a shitty fuckin job of making a world and that heaven cant be that much better, i'd rather go to hell

    because demons are angels that were cast out of heaven, and satan was cast otu because he had a better vision of what the world should be and wanted to rule heaven to change the earth but since got is a power hungry bastard he cast him into hell, so i'm sure by this time satan got that shit air conditioned and its way better
  7. Yes, virginia, there is a God. I dont go along with all the malarkey out there tough.
    I mean....
    "Religion is in the hands of some crazy-ass people.
    television preachers with bad hair and dimples?
    The Gods honest truth is it's NOT that simple!" -J. Buffett

    10 commandments...good rules to fallow.
    7 deadly sins...makes sence to me.
    Eve was created from Adam's rib....a bit out there.

    Im just saying that the bilble was written by man. Supposedly thru God, but still, interpreted by man. Interpreted OVER AND OVER through centeries, cultures, and languages.

    Bottom line, "energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transferd ", if you are a positive and good person, than you will transfer to a positive and good place. likewise for negative.

    There is some sort of higher power, just look at how everything has a place, and a reason. And without the one, there would be no other. to have it randomly happen is ludacsris thinking. The odds would be simply incredible. like winning the lotto 1o times it a row. lol
    Be good, do good, and have good! Peace brotha's TBug:smoking:
  8. if you can show me a picture of god and tell me where he is, i may just believe.

  9. ;)
  10. <---- atheist.
  11. Yes I believe. :D JOE>

  12. that is what everyone is afraid to say. but i agree with you 100%. i have no clue.

    i was raised catholic and went to catholic school from K-10.

    11 and 12 were in a public school. catholic school made me turn away from catholicism.

    i haven't been to church in at least a year and don't plan on going back ever again unless god specifically talks to me and gives me a good explanation to worship him.

    i just can't "worship" nothing.

    this might sound harsh....but NO ONE KNOWS SHIT!

    yet people still kill for their religion.
  13. well, anyone gonna show me a pic? (wink, wink)
  14. Believing in God is one thing, beliving in the Bible and Jesus makes u a retard :rolleyes:
  15. I have had my brush with death - my heart stopped beating for 2 mins and 13 seconds. ( bad car wreck) and I dont remember alot of that night, but I can tell you that I wasnt alone. Im one of those ppl that have to see things to believe it...usually. That night , I felt it. The only thing that I can say for sure is that if any intervention by whoever or whatever was made to keep me here today it was done so because it wasnt my time to go. I dont know if it was God who kept me from dying that night, or simply a miracle...
  16. lol, Thats pretty much what I was trying to say. But you have a much better way with words! Peace brotha's TBug:D
  17. im a straight up atheist but a couple days ago me and a friend found proof that there is some sort of a higher power that created us, we were really high and we had a 40 minute conversation about this and i cant find anything to disprove it

    if there was no god or anything then why would apples and all other fruits exist? there are much more efficient ways for a tree to spread its seeds than to product a fruit and hope animals eat it and spread its seeds around. and if evolution held true than there wouldnt be any fruits. the only reason i can think of to explain why apples and shit are here is that a god created them to help feed a population of intelligent life forms

    but then again im always high and theres probably an obvious answer as to why they exist and i just cant think of it lol

  18. first, people are free to believe what they want, if you wanna believe in the bible and everything it says go ahead, i have no problem with that. i have some friends who are christian and there some of the coolest people i know, they just dont follow it word for word, they follow the overall meaning.

    second, in terms of christianity, i think its much better to believe in jesus than in god. if you actually look at the old testiment, god was vengeful, flooding the earth, ordiring people to be put to death for such simple things as working on a sunday. jesus preached peace and love. jesus was all about understanding. he taught to do onto others as you would do to yourself, and to treat your neighbor with respect, even if he is a sinner, and that you should help him to live a better life.

    personally, i dont think he was "the son of god", but i think he was one hell of a philosopher.
  19. I have no problem with people believing in the bible either, it sets out a good way to live morally and ethically and if we all followed the teachings, the world would be a better place. I also know a number of Christians, and I don't judge their choices as I wouldn't want my choices judged.

    The Bible is however, a steaming pile of bollocks...

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