Do you beer hold on to certain people or experiences because of their rarity/specialness even if not good for you?

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  1. Do you ever have those experiences where you realize in the moment and thinking back on an experience and you kind of say to yourself that wow, that is a once in a lifetime type of conversation, or setting, or person you have met. Like that kind of conversation or chemistry or experience you had will most likely only happen and feel that way just once. I feel that life is about filling it with as many meaningful things as possible. I want to make my life interesting. I want to experience things. Experience cool things, fun things, deep meaningful things, weird things, happy things, romantic things. Just cool shit. It seems to me that those "once in a lifetime" type of experiences are the ones I want to hold on to the most. Sometimes you try to replicate that experience...even if it may not really be the "right thing to do" or "in your best interest" or the healthy thing or the wise thing or the thing your friends would probably advise you to NOT do if they knew you were doing it. Would you/Do you hold on to those type of experiences and replicate them even if they are really not that great for you just because those experiences do you have some kind of special meaning to them or whatever.Or do you say nope, this isn't good for me so therefore I will not get close to that thing or behavior or person or what have you.I see the things in life that are those once in a lifetime type of deal to be the most valuable experiences (of course tif they provide me happiness in some shape or form like I actually enjoy it) and I strive to have as many as possible. But where do you draw the line and say nope life is about getting on with it and have a job and a family. How long can those once in a lifetime type deals be the most valuable?Maybe none of this makes any sense whatever. Maybe it's just been a while since I've smoked. Maybe I'm being extremely vague haha. Any replies? :pAnd no this is not about getting high...Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
  2. Okay, I read that cause you have a cute picture...But holy fuck, wall-o-text.
    Now, the question!  Yes, because that is important...What exactly do you mean when you refer to this "beer?"  Is it an import?  Some good imports out there, give me a hell yeah, Guinness!
    And now...The answer!  No, my once in a lifetime deal is said and done.  I have become a God. :cool:
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    Honestly, I'm very confused as to what your asking even after reading the post (I came to this thread because I was curious what "beer holding on to certain people" meant, but I still haven't figured that out). 
    Basically, are you asking if we think it's worth it to, say, become a drug addict for the sake of experiencing "unique" life events that you wouldn't have working a normal job? Or maybe being homeless and train-hopping for the sake of, again, "unique" experiences?
  4. I think I get the gist of it. The answer would be no, I don't. I just float through life doing whatever, even if some of it is less than reputable, it's all fair game really.
  5. drinking alot of beer will make you fat.
  6. The experiences, both good and bad, are important to our development. How they affect you depends on how you are able to deal with the experience.
  7. So are you looking to justify cheating on your boyfriend or something?
    Or just holding out on what society believes is the, "right," way to live life, vs. doing what you want, when you want, at the expense of making, "proper," choices?
    If it's the latter, do what you want so long as you are not depending on any one else for support. For instance fucking up your parents ability to retire because they still pay your rent. etc...
  8. Firstly, I am so so sorry for the word beer in the subject line.  This post was not about beer.  I think I meant to type "ever" but my iPad auto corrected to beer.
    I do not mean experiences like becoming a drug addict or homelessness I mean just in general like walterbishop said: 
    Or just holding out on what society believes is the, "right," way to live life, vs. doing what you want, when you want, at the expense of making, "proper," choices?
    I am not looking to justify cheating or being dishonest with anyone.  There is just a person in my life who I know is not that great for me.  They aren't the best influence.  But we have some of the most amazing experiences together and I find it so hard to let them go.  I've had euphoric phenomenal experiences with them.. without hallucinogenic drugs.  Insane connection.  Just experiences I feel I can't find anywhere or with anyone else.  And of course I realize duh no cause everyone is different and you will have different experiences with everyone what I really mean is the emotion and unique connection I have with this person.  It is irresistable.  But I know not great for my emotional health.
  9. Life should have one simple rule for everyone - Do what makes you happy, providing it doesn't have a negative impact on someone else's life
  10. Sorry, you're pretty, and I looked at you and then saw you posted a lot of words so I just went back to looking at you, and now I'm going to pretend you asked if I thought you was pretty.

    Yes, you're pretty.
  11. I like Guinness to. This pub I go to had 40 beers on tap. I asked for Guinness, they brought me a pub can.... None on draft? Really? Thought they said they had beer on two. They had 40 piss flavored waters on tap, the only beer they have was in a can.
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    OP, is English your first language?
  13. I have a lot of experiences that are precious to me but that a lot of people wouldn't consider good. If it's something that people judge you for then you should keep quit and only talk about it with like minded people.
  14. Here's my beer hold sweetie. Let me know if I can help ya out with anything else... :ey:

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