Do you any memories from when you were really young?

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  1. Do you guys have any random memories from when you were like less than 5? I've got a few, i lived in Maryland until I was 5 and I remember being at like a museum or some shit and I was pushing a little shopping cart in this room that was filled with fake fruit, the fuck? And when I was around 3 I remember being outside and I found a turtle in my sandbox lol. Then when I was 5 we moved to Greece for a year and everyday after school I would get off the bus and there was a stand that sold these bags of chips with these plastic coins that had Pokemon on them. So I would buy a bag everyday and one day my friend staleos (you say it stale e os) came to my house one day and the fucker stole them all.
  2. Not many. But I do remember that I can not remember a single thing that happened anytime before my 3rd birthday. I can remember that day and what I did but absolutely nothing beforehand.
  3. I have a hard time remembering anything before age like 7.
  4. My earliest memory is from when I was 4, walking to the corner store with my parents for some candy and an icee

    I don't remember anything before that
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    I don't remember:cool:

    edit-yes i do... i was three and my parents were getting a divorce and we were in a bank parking lot mom and dad got into it and basically played tug o war with my feet and hands... the most significant part was the hammock in the car idk why though...

    re edit-they were divorcing and mom was taking stuff to my grandmas house... of course it all makes sense now

    re re edit- staleos
  6. waaay too old to remember anything that young.
  7. I remember being young as shit... like 3 or so. My dad was showing me you could use the edge of the counter to squeeze out the last bit of one of those candy tooth-paste things.

    that's about it :smoke:
  8. My earliest memories involved icicles at my grandmothers house. They were fucking huge, mind you I was much smaller. I spent a lot of time there when I was 5-6, so I assume that's how old I was when I encountered them.
  9. My earliest memory is soo faint.. Probably like when i was 4 at my gmas house... Thats all i remember.... Then i have another memory probly when i was 5 years old at this pre-school, that had a pool... But they are all such faint memories.
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    I remember when I was five... behind the dumpster... clown... bad touch... stop..

    I'm gonna go take a hot shower and get drunk now...
  11. I actually have a lot of memories from before i could talk...which they tell me i spoke clearly at 1
    i can remember laying in the crib...watching the shadows dance upon the walls and ceiling ...
    I could go on and on....
    I remember dreams from that age as well...

    Of coarse....i often can't remember yesterday...or this morning...and don't even ask about last week...
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    I remember almost being murdered at age 3. I had nightmares about it for years, so the memory is still strong after over 60 years.

    We lived in a Navy housing project. A kid from the next building was putting up a tent- one of those old-fashioned stake and rope pup tents. I got it through my little brainless head, that it would funny to pull out the stakes on one side, while the kid was busy pounding in the stakes on the other.

    Naturally, the kid came around to my side to see what was making his tent wobble like crazy! And there I was, pulling the stake out. The hammer was still in his hand, and he snapped! He hit me several times on the head.

    I still have dents in my skull from the attack. The migraines that I ended up with are what set me on the path of being "Granny", so it wasn't all bad, although the migraines made my life miserable until I figured out that cannabis stopped them!

    Without that kid almost murdering me, I would have been just another dumpy 65 year old housewife with severe migraines and likely a heavy drinking problem!

    Remember that the bad things that happen to you can be transformed into things that shape you into a better person!

    Granny :wave:
  13. Holy shit Granny that's awful! I hope that dude got carted off!

    But kudos on turning a very negative experience into such an awesome drive to help people learn the truth about cannabis

  14. Damn you spoke really young, my parents say I was speaking in full sentences at 3 though.
  15. When I was 4, a girl down my street invited me to come in. I think she was about 5. She was playing a game on her Dreamcast or something like that.

    It was a really scary game. She pointed to the timer on the screen and it was counting down from 5 minutes, and she says to me "When it reaches 0, you will die". When I was young I took EVERYTHING literally. So this really shook me up and I was really fucking scared for the next 5 minutes.

    Needless to say I didn't die.
  16. The summer I spent in the hospital with third-degree burns over 20 percent of my body comes to mind. 50 years ago this year. Learning to swim, fish and boat at my grandfather's cabin in MI. 48 years ago.

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