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do ya think i quallify for medical marry-jane?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by modern-hippy, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone : besides using it to get stoned, I use marijuana for the following reasons.

    1. I can not sleep. I at times cant get to sleep untill after 4:00 AM. When i smoke a good amount of weed, I can fall asleep at 10:00 PM.

    2. I have migrane headaches, which can be gotten rid of by a few puffs of weed.

    i remember some more, but i cant think of tehm now, cuz im really tired, and the others where part bull shit, to try to help my medical marijuana case along a little. But with just these two, do you think i could qualify?

    PS : I live in California, in the united states
  2. i dont know about hte slseeping...... ...but with the migranes you just might have a case ;)... good luck....
  3. Id look closer into the laws, but from what I understand if it physician thinks it will help you.. If I were you, Id go to the source! let us know how it goes!
  4. California is the shit! I have a friend whowent to a "clinic" in Berkeley, and gave the "doctor" $200 and the doctor told him his problem and gave him the RX. then he went to a club in oakland and whalla!!
    But check here they will follow the correct legal channels to get you legal. call them 24hrs @ 800-851-3761 also
  5. i think medical marijuana use is aimed more towards people that are terminally ill w/ serious serious conditions, but im not positive....
  6. no man, they're pretty easy to get if you have the right excuses. My mom got one because of the arthritis in her hands, she said she has it because she has been a manicurist for 4 years. she also showed some test results of some minor cancer causing cells. they were sold with the arthritis. they didnt even glance at the test results for the cells.

    then a few weeks later i went in about my back. gave an excuse about working in an automotive shop for 2 years, always hunched over a table welding. they asked me if i had seen a chiropractor, and i told them i had been seeing one for the past 3 years, no help. i told him i cant sleep until 1 or 2, and no painkillers help. but a few hits of weed and im out at 10. i also said i get these incredible migranes. they didnt even care, they had me fill out a piece of paper and said it will be at you house in 2 months.

    its pretty easy, id just say have something to back it up, and use the back thing keeping you up...

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