Do Ya"ll Play?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by cowboysaxman, Feb 18, 2002.




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  2. NO..But wish I was!

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  3. No..But I Love Music!

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  4. Only play "skin-flute"

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  1. Just curious bout how many of ya'll play.
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    <font face="Courier New, Courier, mono">I play guitar/bass... I currently have a (whoopie) Crate Electra [electric/black strat copy], an Ibanez AW-50 [acoustic/natural finish], and a Fender Jazz 5 string [bass/deep wine red]... I use a Peavey Backstage 110 for a guitar amp, and a Fender TKO 115 for a bass amp... Sooo, how about everyone else? </font></font><font face="Courier New, Courier, mono" color="#FFFFFF">[​IMG]

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  3. I can play a mean piano, but as of right now don't own one...
    Saving up for at least a keyboard, as I'm tired of borrowing houses where pianos are located to play.

    Other than that, I can still figure out how to play a clarinet and flute, that's about it.
    Guitar? I wanna learn BASS.

  4. i just read that whole SKIN FLUTE THING!
    If that's all you play, please don't elaborate ;) :D lol
  5. HAH!

    I'd love to be able to play the guitar well enough to be in a band, but I can only strum a few chords. But I'm easily teachable.

    My specialty is what I played in the high school band. Tuba in the concert band (sousaphone during marching season, but it's hardly separate from the tuba)and trombone in the jazz band.

    Since I have figured out how to play the piano (Can play "Pieces of Eight" by Styx, "faithfully" by Journey, "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, and some others. I love to play the piano, but have been losing practice lately. :(

    I have also figured out the flute (Play along to Jethro Tull CDs), ocarina, trumpet, and baritone. I'm sure there are others that I can either play or figure out quickly.

    But nothing beats having the ol' skin flute played for me.
  6. LMFAO budburner!!! yeah your right...the ol' skinflute reacts best when strummed by someone else!!....(sorry ganjaphish!) I,m a songwriter/vocalist. I play sax, drums,peck at keyboards(mostly while composing) and am learning to play guitar. Growin' up Momma wouldn't teach me a damn chord! Said as long as she was payin' for my shit, I was gonna' be her Saxman! Siad if I wanted to be a "dime-a-dozen" guitar picker, I would have to wait for my inheritance...all her music equip.! I own 2 acoustic guitars, a classic Epiphone(early 60's mod.) semi-hollow body electric guitar, a bass, a full set of Rogers drums in pearl black, 2 guitar amps, a bass amp, a small keyboard, a Peavy P.A./mixer with 2 monitors & 4 stack spkrs., and of course my "Baby" a Yamaha tenor sax. So if ya'll ever wanna' come jam just bring your axe and plug in!!.....COOL stage pic woody!
  7. Oh, I did forget that instrument. My voice. I can sing ok, but it's a better backup/harmony voice IMO.

    It's how I tune my skin flute when it's being played.

  8. when did we get a music fourm?
    i play guitar and drums. im, somewhat, in a band. as in, i go to blues bars and play music that this dude wrote. he can't sing and play guitar at the same time so he sings and i play.

    sometimes when the bar has some younger people we play zztop or eric clapton.
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  9. I play guitar.. i've got a black fender strat. and a jasmine takamine acoustic.. yea i used to play piano but i fuckin suck at it. so i quit.
  10. paino is like guitar but with one big long string
  11. I can't really say I'm a musician as I haven't really played for over 25 years. But...I loved to play when I did play even though it was just the flute, and it was in my high school band. We had an outstanding band director and I did feel the music in high school. I feel like totally inadequate with all you awesome musicians. I can't say that I'm not a musician though because I feel it. My hearts desire is to learn to play the piano. I am believing for an antique piano. Then I will learn how to play and then I WILL have the time to 'really' learn, experience, feel, become one with the music. And I know one day, that dream WILL come true!
  12. It's not the number of instruments you can play that makes you a musician. ;)

    If you have the desire you will figure it out.

    I want one of those nifty electric pianos. They make them really really realistic and they respond to how hard you hit the keys and everything. SO much more portable and they come with 88 keys!

    Plus I want the one that you can put a disk into and have it start playing shit like Bach so I can fake out my friends. :D
  13. Thanks budburner! I appreciate that, although, I can't really say I am a musician YET...

    I want the antique piano because I can see the whole family getting together and singing around it. I have had that vision for a looooooooooong time. I can see the one I want. I know someday I'm going to get one. I'm not worried about when because it will be the right time when it does.

    My 17 yr. old asked for and received a guitar for Christmas. He is doing so well teaching himself (with a little help from his friends). I'm so happy as none of my kids wanted anything to do with playing in the band. They were athletes. And around here you just don't do both. But now...he's really interested. He makes a mother proud. I got up about 2am the other day, and he was still strummin. I can see me learning the piano and him strummin beside me. It won't get much better than that!

    I can totally see where you want one of those electric keyboards though. They are really cool.

  14. Heya guys~
    livingrace there is something for me about playing the piano that is so meditative. I can't really have a piano in this apt because our walls are very "hear-thru," our downstairs neighbor plays bass and well I think I'm the only one who loves listening to her practice 8am on Sundays :D

    I am hoping for an electronic keyboard someday soon, that's my next big thing I'm working towards, because I really do MISS playing an instrument.

    cowboysaxman your mom was right, guitar players are "dime a dozen," because it is a popular instrument to play... a man who can play the saxaphone is a *mmmaaaaannn* if you get my drift ;) it's a difficult thing to play, and you can REALLY get your emotions across with the way you play it, because it's YOUR breath, your control that makes the sound of the sax. With guitars, you pick along & manipulate, and it IS a beautiful instrument, but it's not like playing a wind instrument where you can exhale your soul and make it SOUND good :D

    anyway I believe if you're a musician at heart and have the desire, you ARE one.
  15. Ganjaphish & budburner are sooooo right, It's the heart and desire, not the ability, that determines whether you are a musician!! livingrace....I could tell by your first posts that you had music in your soul!! I WANT ALL "PICKER'S" TO KNOW that Momma's comment wasn't meant as an insult!! Sax players were rare in our area and she really Loved the Sax! And from a Saxplayer to all the picker's out there......I REALLY wanna join that "dime-a-dozen" club too!! And ganjaphish I have heard (I'm sure you have too!) many Insruments played with the talent and ability to invoke deep emotional response!! I do my WONDEROUS & AMAZED luck, that ALOT of women are "drawn" to , and "moved" by the sensuous tones of the Sax........THANK'S MOMMA!!!!!
  16. I almost picked the sax to play in school.

    Something weird about the trombone that just drew me to it though.

    I'm glad I was taught the trombone because I doubt I would have figured that out on my own.

    I think if I had a sax I could figure it out. Of course, getting it to do anything but squeak and honk like a goose would be the insurmountable first step. :D

    Oh wait! The price tag would be the insurmountable first step.


    I'd have at least one of every instrument if price wasn't an obstacle.

    Time to buy a lottery ticket!

    But hey, if music is a release for your soul when you're performing, then you're a musician. Even if you just sing and love it... you're a musician.

    (Sounds too much like Jeff Foxworthy for me!)
  17. LMAO!!! O......M......G!! That would be a FUNNY thread......You know you're a musician when:Your music instrument is worth more than your car!!
  18. HAH! No doubt!

    And that's a good "you know you're a musician when..."

    And so so true!
  19. it's nice to see all you experienced musicians.

    I've been playing acoustic 6 string for about a year and a half now. Absolutely love to sit and just fuck around with friends and come up with new rythyms and riffs. wife plays keyboards, parents payed for her lessons when she was young, sorry to say that turned her into a church type organist though. She lacks the ability to improvise(jam) on her own. When i was playin for about 6 mos. I reached a learning plateau and got stuck and bored with my axe, so i started screwing around with the keyboards, learned it pretty fast. this helps my guitar playing by giving me a contrast in sounds and styles. got to jam sometime, nw PA here by the great lake (no puns please it's cleaner now).
  20. Jam on zig, Jam on!! :hippie: :smoking:

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