Do women enjoy massive sticky loads of cum?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by weednotcrack, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. I always wondered if women find it flattering when they make their mate drain their balls? Like if the guy only cums a little bit, does it feel disappointing?
  2. Yes for big amounts.
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  3. Very disappointing only cause you know he drained the main vein already lol but the scent is more important imo. Better for it to smell like pineapples vs chlorine.
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  4. alright cool, I was thinking maybe I was just making a huge mess for nothing lol!:laughing:
  5. The fuck is with these posts the past week...

    At least the three have found a place for conversation together.
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  6. Double post
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  7. Give him a break man... he just got him a lady of the night to pop his cherry he's excited.
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  8. ....? What's with all the hate? :confusedalt: you guys got something to add?:confused_2:
  9. When you haven't bust a nut for a week then you blow a weeks worth of jizz on her face FB_IMG_1495925509410.jpg
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  10. Not always the case, I will always have a far bigger load if the sex was better/more foreplay...if it is pretty ordinary sex then my load isn't going to be nearly as much
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