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do ur parents know u smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jc88, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. just curious if ur parents know ifu smoke or not. my mom does know i smoke and she doesnt give a fuck. but she does lots of drugs herself and has her whole life so she knows how it is and is more understanding. when she first found out she was kinda pissed but after a while she actually started buying me bags sometimes and everything was swell.. but my mom is a pretty crazy person so:eek:
    and if they dont know u smoke how would they react if they found out?
  2. this is a topic more about your mom than tokin' nonetheless... yes my parents know I smoke.
  3. yup my mom knows, dad still doesnt because i dont live with him and hes a cop lol
  4. "and hes a cop" lol nice
    my parents caught me when i was 16 but they think ive been clean since
  5. yep, both do.
    my dad walked in on my rolling a joint and gave me a big speech on how im throwing my life away.:rolleyes:
    my mom found out when i got suspended, she doesn't approve of it nor does she give me lectures, she just doesnt want me to smoke in here home.

    im sure alot of ppls parents will know and probably dont give a rats ass cause they really cant do anything unless ur +18 and still living at home.

    or its a question mainly for ppl under 18, whom shouldnt be here altogether.

  6. There are still alot of people 18+ that live at home, I mean seniors in highschool are mainly 18, and beyond that, just because you don't live at home doesn't mean your parents can't disagree with your smoking.
  7. im 18 and im only in my junior year... i started a year late i didnt get left back
  8. Both of my parents know i smoke, and my dad buys me bags on occasion.
  9. my dad caught me once in the shower but he never took the weed nor the bubbler and he hasnt spoken of it to my mom and idk it happened 4 weeks ago

    so my dad spoke to me the other night about smoking and told me since i was an upcoming adult he would treat me like a man and told me to stop cuase it was stupid and stuff but so he said that if i need help he can help but for the most part im taking a tolerance break for like 5 days and then getting back into the business
  10. I am 19 and live at home simply because my Dad wants to help me save my money until I have finished school and go out on my own. Sure, sometimes I long for my freedom, but I'm pretty damn free as it is. He doesn;t know I smoke, but I don't try too hard to hide it either, because I don't think he'd care. For example, it;s now only 7:30pm and I'm about to hit my bong and then spark up an El Rey Del Mundo Larga (it's a cigar) to unwind. He's home, but if he notices he sure doesn't say anything.

    I'm straight and rambling...boring.
  11. tru dat BlazinDragon

  12. i'm sure you didn't mean it the way that sounds...
  13. i dont know and i dont really give a fuck
  14. no she doesnt know, nor will she ever find out
  15. sure do and smoke with them all the time:D
  16. Yeah, both of my parents know I smoke. My dad quit smoking about two years ago and my mom isn't anti-weed. For as long as I can remember she has always said that she'd rather have weed be legal instead of alcohol. Anyways, when I was 19 she asked me to be honest with her and I told her that I did smoke. She told me she'd rather have me do it at the house then riding around doing it... So, yeah... They don't care. Although here recently they asked me to quit so I could get a better job. So, I did. Its been four weeks bought one of those at home test things and failed. I couldn't believe it...Erm, rambling. Nevermind.
  17. my mom knows i smoke and would much rather me smoke weed than drink or anything. she was a huge hippe and used to drop acid all the time. she still calls weed "reefer" hahaha she rules.

  18. im sure there are people whos parents died without them ever knowing their children smoked. lots of people just arent accepting of the greenstuff, and its easier to just hide it.

    my mom has known since grade 9. my dad thinks i do (my brother says so atleast)
  19. I've been caught a few times but at this exact moment they believe that I am clean.
  20. my parents know i smoke from my dumbass friends, one time my buddy said, " lets smoke ur mom up", right to here face...i almost shat my pants. and like 3 weeks later one of my lady friends was talking about me trying to score a bag when i was in FL, my dad was shocked, mom obviosly wasn't, they both now know i smoke...and frankly they rerally dont care, they say if i get busted, they anit paying the fines, and my ass stays in jail. and im cool with that. they also dont want me smoking in the house, but fucking a in chitown in the middle of winter its cold outside, and i need to get ripped, so i ripped a bong while they were sleeping and blew the smoke into my comp. fans. O' DOYLE RULES!

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