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Do u think this local restaurant will drug test me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Scott40, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. I just got a job at this restaurant greggs. I am going to be a bus boy. Any1 have any experience being a bus boy
  2. yes they WILL test you. not kidding
  3. No, because your not risk to the company if you take drugs (Not As Much)

    For the majority of jobs where you do not need qualifacations or where
    your not training you should be ok

    I work in Mcdonalds and a Kebab Shop for years on end, neither EVER drug tested me.
  4. Worked at numerous restaurants and have never been drug tested. Blaze that shit up. :smoking:
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    Aight, speak spanish(I'm serious, knowing the language has extremely helped me, I work in a restaraunt). Don't be lazy, servers and managers love to see you work hard and clean all of their tables fast. Remember, you are doing the job for tips, don't bitch at the servers, just accept the money. Don't halfass the table. Learn and then know the machine and how to set the plates.

    I'm a server/bartender person.
  6. I've worked at a number of restaurants, and from my experience I'd say no. I used to get blazed with the owner and chef before my shift.
  7. Yea, Because on the on the application it talked about drug testing me so i thought id ask...so i hope not...and i start in a few days...also how is it being a bus boy
  8. it's ok if it's a nice place (that way youre getting a good chunk of change from tips) but just fyi your paychecks will probably suck ass (seeing as I only made $4.50 an hour+tips). I just put all my paychecks into a cigar box (after i cashed them) and just used my tips as spending money and after a while i opened the box and bought a zip of some of the dankest buds you've ever seen. :D
  9. I can't say for sure but I have never heard of anybody that has been in your position and actually had a drug test. My brother had worked as a buser when he turned 16 he had changed jobs numerous times even this fancy restuarant in Scottsdale Arizona, he was never drug tested he worked his ass off everyday he gained everyone respect every where he worked he is now a bartender and he hasn't been tested there as well. Good luck and congrats on the job it's hard to find one these days
  10. I have worked at many low grade to 5 star restraunts as a Waiter and Bartender/Barback. I have never been drug tested.
  11. Thanks a lot man. Ya I have been looking for a while.

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