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do u think i did the right thing?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin&tokin, Mar 16, 2003.


did i do the right thing?

  1. yes, you did the right thing, nark's need to be taught a lesson

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  2. no, you didnt do the right thing, violence is wrong

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  1. Well, yesterday (Friday) I got suspended from school, again, for fighting. ( I have such a big record with my school) anyways... heres what happened

    I was in school, and during 4th hour english, which is the most boring hour of the day, i remembered i still had a bowl in my chamelian pipe left, so I dicided, I'd go toke up in the bathroom for a little bit. I have never really been scared of getting caught, because i always smoke in their. Anyways I go to the bathroom, close the stall, and start tokin away, when some little ass prep comes in and yells out " I SMELL SMOKE IN HERE", then I stash my pipe deep in my poket and walk out casually. Then later, I get called into the office, and they search me, for marijuana. When they dont find anything, im off the hook. (old pocket trick). Then I ask why they suspected me, and they said that someone had reported me smoking in the bathroom. Then as I am walking back to class, this same preppie girl walks by, and says " haha, you finally got caught", so I turn around and go "what! you snitched on me!" and then she smiles and shakes her head yes, so then I am like "fucking war!" ( i would of beat her teachers pet ass right there, but their was tons of teachers around.) so then i tell about 3 of my homies, and after school, us 4 go up to her and ask her if she narked on me, when she says yes, we all jump her. so now she is all fucked up and has 2 black eyes, 1 bloddy lip, bruises, scrapes, bumps, and a broken thumb thanks to us. so she go's and tells on us again, and we totally lied about the whole thing, but they beleived her cus she is a stupid little preppie, streight A's, nerdy ass short girl with no life and no friends! so now me and my 3 homies got suspended for 5 days! god damn i hate nark's. i normally wouldnt kick peoples ass for little things, but I HATE SNITCHES!!! and she needed a good ass beaten. and everyone at school hates her, and was thanking us for doing it, cus she tells on everyone for everything! do you think i did the right thing? i dunno if i did, (my moms pretty pissed), but my homies taught me to kick peoples ass if they ever mess with me or tell on me, so i did. what do u think???? i mean, i almost got my pipe taken away, if i had gotten caught!
  2. probably aint right
    but thats how shit is
    livin where I live you cant let ppl snitch on you for shit..gotta teach em a lesson or get taught yourself ya kno.

    It wasnt the right thing, but I woulda done it.
  3. mmmm if i were you i'd have confromted her myself.....4 on 1 isn't a good ratio......there are a few rules i was brought up to beleive

    1/ family comes first
    2/ fight for what you beleive to be right
    3/ NEVER grass on anyone, not even your worst enemy as a grass will never again have respect and will never be trusted!
    4/ fight weapons apart from your 2 fists....and never hit a man who's down

    i've seen times where 2 guys are fighting and all the guys mates are there, but it only concerns the 2 of them, and when the fight is over there are no grudges held, if it was a fair fight.

    of course go out of your way to avoid a conflict at all costs, but sometimes it's outwith your control, and if that happens then get "med-evil" on there out....Sid

  4. I agree with critter. When smoking in public, you have to expect a bad result!

    Learn and move on.

    This makes people think that violence is connected with weed!1
  5. I woulda beaten her ass too...if I she wasn't a girl, but you shoulda done it one on one.
  6. hold on, you and four friends beat up a nerdy little chick???

    are you a girl? cuz if yes then yeah thats fine, but 4 guys beatin up some little girl hardly seems right...
  7. i'm sorry, but dude you shouldn't have been smokin in the bathroom in the first place, that's just asking to be busted. and maybe i am niave and too nice, but i have a hard time justifying kicking someone's ass.
  8. yeah....smoking at school is kinda offense, but I would have just skipped school altogether or something. but that is hella fucked up that that girl was happy about getting you in trouble...I probly would have smacked her too at the very least
  9. well i just hope your a girl too cause if your a guy and it took 4 of you to beat up a girl thats pretty sad. Im guessin your a female though since you got caught by a female in the bathroom im guessin its the girls bathroom.

    Anyways its your own fault for gettin caught, smokin in a place like a bathroom on school grounds is just askin for trouble. But if someone snitched on me i woulda beat their ass's too cause i dont like lil snitch's.

    If all you got outta it was a supsension then id say it was worth it. Suspensions aint that bad, i got suspended over 12 times in highschool , and i only went for 3yrs. Suspension is just a day off school to do whatever you like , thats how i allways saw it anyways.

  10. Yeah, I always thought it was funny how they thought suspension was a the school I went to there were even benefits of being in In-School suspension...we got to eat lunch before everybody else!
  11. what in Gods name are you doing toking up in the bathroom? seriously? unless you secretly want to get caught or something...
  12. re: kiss yeah, what Critter said. School and pot do not mix!!!!!!!!
  13. i agree that smoking at school is asking for trouble. and i think that if you are a guy then that was really wrong what you did. i hate it when guys beat up on girls. i think its really wrong. ESPECIALLY if it was 3 guys!
    What the fuck were you thinking?
  14. smokin&tokin is a girl
  15. Hey I think you did the right thing. I for one went through the early years of school getting jumped and overall fucked with until I started taking no shit from people. And who gets off on whining to a teacher and telling on people? I mean come on, I hope this taught that girl a lesson.
  16. wrong thing. very wrong. tokkin in school is a very bad idea.
    4 to 1 im just shaking my head.
    narcs are bad, an NOBODY likes'em but you should EXPECT them everywhere. specially public places.
    ida not said a word if it werent for your 4 to 1 kickin ass on a preppy lil' nerd. hope you dont get a hospital bill.
    hope everyone learned a lil lesson here.

  17. I think it's more likely that she doesn't care at all if anyone tokes and just wanted to get one more intolerant jizzbag out of her life. Don't hurt people, and stop saying homies.
  18. *stay out of this.*
    *they got it covered*
    *grinds teeth*

    *but stays out of it*

    No. I can't.

    It took 4 of ya? Whadeefuk? You just lowered yourself to somewhere around the level of the person you were beating the crap out of.

    I ain't even gonna get started on how goofy all of your moves leading up to that were.

    Stand on your own feet. Fight your own battles.
  19. Are you aware that when you do things like this, it reflects on MaryJane as a whole.

    Right now, some parent of a student at your school is going to hear of this affair. They're gonna start raising hell, new laws will be passed, more rights given up, crackdowns on EVERYONE! Maybe that parent checks out his kids computer and finds out that they got their smoking equipment off the net. Possibly the DEA has it's justification for closing down on the net a little tighter, taking a little bit of everyone's freedom......AGAIN!

    All because you could'nt wait to get high until after school?

    You've just made yourself a poster child for the opposition.
  20. hell yeah thats the right thing to do, beat up the narcs.

    but it was a girl, fuk that. i would of just scared the piss out of here. take a knife to her neck, even that is a little far. the ultimate revenge..... try to date her, get her to like you and.... no no no seems unpossible. this might sound very korny but i would of sat down with here and just talked to her. a possible reason of her narcing is that she just does not understand other poeple. preps, they have a limited mind set/view. take her out to a crazze ass party. once she sees the real world a bit she might grow up. if no beat the !@# out of her.. lol sorry this is just to funny for me.

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