Do u plan on Blazing forever

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by LoveOfTheNug, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. I want to continue to smoke dank but I don't think that I should smoke as much as I do for the rest of my life. How much do you all smoke and what are your favorite flavorS? Also, will you continue to smoke like you do til the day you die? :smoke:
  2. i love smoking afghans and will until it doesn't do anything for me. theres really no reason to stop soon
  3. Heavy question man...i'll come back when i'm not so high :smoke:
  4. I plan on blazing until the day I die. Nothing like it can make me think a sandwich is worth giving up sex.

    P.s. I smoke all kinds of marijuana, if its there in my face its there in my lungs.
  5. hehe thats funny bro
  6. I love dank, and dank loves me. [​IMG]
  7. When it's time to stop, I will know. Until then :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
  8. Ya, I'll probably slow down when I get a job after school and if I have a kid, but I don't see a reason in quitting all together. Whenever I see old people in retirement homes doing nothing all day, I think about when I'm old I'm just gonna grow/smoke weed and play video games all day.
  9. i prefer indica's. kushs, or indica dominant hybrids. i love the whole body buzz versus mainly cerebral highs. i probably will toke for the rest of my life. if things work out ill be gettin my green card before the end of the year
  10. Never plan on quitting at this point.
  11. i'll smoke for as long as i see fit (for now, that's forever)

    and i smoke maybe a quarter gram or more a day on the regular, but it's always dank so i'm good and stoned
  12. I'll probably slow down to just every once in a while when I have kids until they're older. Getting arrested for possession or anything like that would be terrible if you have a young kid to take care of. Then when I retire, I'm gonna blaze through all my social security :hello:
  13. I will blaze til the day I die. I am currently on a court induced t-break. Marijuana is my medicine but Texas refuses to see it that way.
  14. Till the day I die nicka.
  15. I'll slow down when I have kids, buy when there old enough/start smoking themselves, i'll pick back up until I die
  16. that's the plan. i'll wait till they're done with hs and then take them out for a blunt ride.
    then, when they move out, i'll set up a huge grow op and live out my retirement smokin' bowls and bangin my old lady.
  17. Without a doubt in my mind, marijuana is the only thing I will always love and continue to enjoy on a daily basis. I would rather die than stop smoking weed..

    I do plan on quitting the other drugs I do eventually though.
  18. im gonna continue to smoke as long as i stay fit in someway, whether its looking good or simply having a healthy body (cholesterol, weight, that kinda shit)
  19. I sure as hell hope so. I can't smoke right now due to me getting tested for an upcoming career, but after that I should be blowing down in mass proportions, just like before. :D:smoke:
  20. I plan on it, too good to pass up

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