do u need to water them alot?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by darkhawk37, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. do u need to water them alot of just a lil???
  2. this is the method i use.

    i stick my finger into the soil and if it feels wet, i dont water, if it feels fairly dry down 2 cm in the dirt, i water.

    when you flower, just water them every 2 day, with about 0,3 l water for each plant.
  3. No, MJ plants are somewhat sensitive to over-and underwatering. Finding each strain's appropriate balance is an objective of the grower, an important one at that. My personal strain prefers no more than three days in between waterings, but requires at least a full 36 hours.

    It is important to have a wet/dry cycle when it comes to watering your plants. Let your plant dry out and lift the pot up. You must eventually memorize that weight, because that is the point at which you must water your plant. If it feels there is still a significant amount of water, do not water it again.

  4. HIGH All, listen to Lycanthropy he know's what he's talking about. I too find the lifting method the best way..

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