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  1. Hookup??

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  2. ya thats a
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    Is that tinfoil? I wouldn't use tinfoil.. Also this thread seems strange to me.
  4. What is this? i dont even.
  5. Hey bro, I agree with fattard, I wud use mylar or just paint everything white!

    Although if you want to use tinfoil, I heard the dull side of tinfoil is more reflective than the shiny side!
  6. What type of bulb is in that lamp? Don't think that's gonna work well for you...
  7. Fail.....
  8. Epic fail, a lil blunt but thats a horrible setup :D
  9. That's a perfectly good setup...if you are going to bake a casserole.

    No foil.
    More light.
    Bigger pot.

    There's a start...

  10. over the next month....

  11. haha, but yeah OP your better off leaving the walls white in there like they are.
  12. dude u just need need to restart if you gona grow do it right
  13. Rip that down, read the begginer section for the next coue years then retry..

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