do u have to?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by adum0123, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. Do you have to have a heat lamp for your MaRyJaNe?!

    Ive heard of ppl putting worms in their soil.. is that a smart thing to do or will it kill your plant?? also if u r using Miricle Gro will that kill the worms??
  2. no heat lamps......just the light to keep the temp approx 70-85 farenheit.........and it's worm castings........Peace out.......Sid
  3. Earth worms occure naturally in most gardens, and are benficial for their droppings(wormcastings) and their natural effect of aerating the soil. They are not too likely to harm your plants. But putting Miraclegro or any other concentrated chemical fert in their habitat would burn/poison them.
    I am currently trying an experiment. I have allowed some worms to live and breed in the bottom 1/3 of my growing container all summer. They've been eating stale bread soaked in fish emulsion or liquid kelp, apple cores, guano, and cotton seed meal. Soon I will fill the top 2/3s with my regular mix, and plant. Watering will all be done from the bottom, once the sprouts are established. If all goes well, I should not have to worry about ferting or overwatering.
    Get over to the stickies and faqs, and learn all you can about plants, ferts, growmixes, pH/water. There are many vital and variable conditions involved. The more you know, the better your chances at success, the more you will enjoy.
    Earth girl's best advice after that: Keep note of all you do. Every time there is a change, or you make a change, every time you have a problem, every time you have a triumph. They will pay for themselves in the future.

    Good luck, earth girl

  4. but considerin' how much time and effort you're gonna put into this project, ud be mad not too...go for an hps set up...
  5. Miracle grow SOIL doesnt hurt the plant. My first grow was in miracle grow soil, it did quite well.

  6. so did i.....but then i realised that it hadn't gone as good as i can get them now, with no burned leaves, or yellowing.....until flowering, when it naturally goes nitro deff......Peace out.......Sid
  7. You can use worms to compost with. Also, if you grow with worms they help aerate the soil and keep it loose enough. And if you put some organic table scraps on top of the soil (mellon rinds, left over lettuce, etc.) the worms will help break down the nutrients locked in those. It's a nice organic way to grow, actually. No ferts req'd! :)
  8. Unless you like a variety of flies, maggots, molds, and other science experiments gone mad, you have to bury worm food with at least a 1" cover of soil. You really can't be actively feeding them garbage while you grow. There would be too much disturbance.

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